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గోమాత బాబా గుడిలో గోమాత … | Cow in the temple of Sai Baba | Trend video | Viral video | Alo TV channel

సాయి బాబా గుడిలో గోమాత

Sai Baba of Shirdi, also known as Shirdi Sai Baba, was an Indian spiritual master who was regarded by his followers as a saint, a fakir, a satguru and an incarnation (avatar) of Lord Shiva and Dattatreya. He is revered by his Hindu and Muslim faithful during and after his life. Saibaba is now revered as the incarnation of Sri Dattatreya and considered Saguna Brahma. He is attributed to being the creator, supporter and destroyer of this universe by his devotees. He is decorated with jewels and all forms of Hindu deities as he is the supreme God.

According to the stories of his life, he preached the importance of self-realization and criticized love for perishable things. His teachings focus on a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace and devotion to God and the guru. He emphasized the importance of surrendering to the true Satguru, who, having followed the path of divine consciousness, will lead the disciple through the jungle of spiritual training.

Sai Baba's date of birth, including his birthplace, remains unknown and is questionable due to lack of evidence and no definitive information exists to prove it. Most definitive information about Shirdi Sai Baba comes from a book titled Shri Sai Satcharitra written by a disciple called Hemadpant (also known as Annasaheb Dabholkar / Govind Raghunath) in 1922. The book itself is a compilation of various disciples and personal observations of Hemadpant observing Sai Baba from 1910.

Although the origins of Sai Baba are unknown, some indications suggest that he was born not far from Shirdi. Historical research on genealogies in Shirdi supports the theory that Baba may have been born with the name Haribhau Bhusari. Baba was known to give vague, misleading and contradictory answers to questions about his kinship and origins. He reportedly told a close disciple, Mhalsapati, that he was born of Brahmin parents in the village of Pathri and that he had been entrusted to a fakir since his childhood. On another occasion, Baba reportedly said that the fakir's wife had entrusted him to a Hindu guru, Venkusa de Selu, and that he had stayed with Venkusa for 12 years as a disciple. This dichotomy has given rise to two major theories concerning Baba's antecedents, the majority of authors supporting the Hindu origins to the detriment of Islam, while others combine the two theories (which Sai Baba has of 39, first educated by a fakir and then by a guru).

Sai Baba returned to Shirdi in 1858. He appeared at Khandoba Mandir in Shirdi. Seeing him for the first time, the temple priest, Mhalsapati, welcomed him, saying, "Aao, Sai! (& # 39; Come Sai & # 39;). From then on, he was known as Sai Baba.

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