10 amateur videos that have tended on Youtube Indonesia – Youtube Rewind Indonesia 2016

Among the many amateur videos posted on YouTube, it is the most remarkable amateur videos of YtCrash.

At the end of 2016, YtCrash makes a 2016 kaleidoscope or perhaps more familiarly called Youtube Rewind 2016 [Indonesia]. Collected among the most interesting things, the trendiest news, natural phenomena and others.

For more details, you can view it directly on the original account.

Pangolin Video –
Aura Kasih fell –
Surprise people –
Strange itches –
Quick Floods When Fishing –
The corpse that wakes up when it is centered
Men fall while looking at employees –
An office boy was caught putting a camera in the bathroom –
The snake coming out of the trunk of the tree –
Death of Riska Cibel –

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YtCrash or Youtube CRASH provides information in the form of facts behind unique events and event / flow collections and events occurring in the world. This collection of videos has been the subject of various research and research, as well as the collection of data in the form of photos and videos from various sources, presented as a countdown or randomly.

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