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$ 10 million claim says Phoenix police violate family rights

PHOENIX (AP) – A $ 10 million legal claim was filed against the City of Phoenix, claiming that police officers violated civil rights by shouting arms and shouting desperately at the father and mother who were pregnant with two girls, because that one of the kids is robbing the display of a doll in a store.

Parents Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper said that an officer had injured their one – year – old daughter last month by pulling one of her arms after the mother refused to order the baby. child on the ground. The mother said the girl could not walk and the sidewalk was hot.

The statement of claim filed on Wednesday also said that Ames had been injured by police, who had incorrectly claimed that he was not complying with their orders after Ames had left the company. vehicle in which the family went.

An officer is accused of throwing Ames against a vehicle and kicked his leg so hard that Ames collapsed and punched him without firing. reason. According to the claim, one of the police officers would have desecrated profanely to Ames, in front of his children, that he was going to shoot him in the face.

"No threat, no resistance," said Tom Horne, a lawyer representing the family. "It was completely unjustified."

The head of the Phoenix Police Department, Jeri Williams, said in a video posted on Friday afternoon that she had opened an internal investigation as soon as she had been made aware of the video and that she was not there. she was in class.

"Like you, I am disturbed by the language and actions of our officer. I assure you this incident is not representative of the majority of Phoenix police officers who serve this city, "Williams said.

The stories of the meeting provided by the family and the police are contradictory.

While the parents' lawyer said the child and father were injured during the meeting, police said no injuries were reported.

The police also said that there were other objects stolen from the vehicle during the meeting, apart from the doll.

A video of the meeting was broadcast on social media. A spectator captured the images outside of an apartment complex after the family had left a Family Dollar store where the doll was taken.

The notice of claim – a forerunner of a lawsuit – indicates that Harper, five months pregnant, was handcuffed after giving the child to a passerby and throwing him away. head first in a police vehicle.

The officer who fired on the child's arm had profferingly told Harper that he could have shot him in front of his children, according to the statement.

Police said that a police officer was at the store during a call unrelated to a robbery when store employees told him about another complaint of theft and theft. They directed towards a vehicle that was leaving the parking lot at the approach of the agent. The officer told Ames, who was driving the vehicle, to stop, but he did not, the police said.

Another woman who was inside the vehicle was dropped off at another location before the family reached the apartment complex. She had three outstanding criminal warrants and was detained, the police said.

Police said that Harper, the mother of the two children, had remained in the vehicle and later explained that she believed that one of her daughters had stolen the doll because she did not have any children. money.

Both parents were handcuffed and detained in police vehicles, but were eventually released, Horne said.

Nobody was charged with stealing from the store because the property had been returned and store employees did not want the case to be prosecuted, the police said. But Ames received a traffic citation for driving on a suspended license.

Horne said the parents did not know that their daughter had taken the doll before being in the vehicle leaving the store.

Horne said his family was caught off guard by police officers who were approaching the apartment because the police had not turned on the lights or the sirens that indicated they had to stop.

Police said the incident occurred on May 27. The family's notice of claim indicates that this happened on May 29th.

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