10 reasons why the MCU can survive without Spider-Man


Why the MCU does not need Spider-Man to stay relevant after the Sony debacle – Marvel

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Of course, we are all shattered by the idea of ​​going back into the dark of our lives without Spider-Man in our favorite film production company. But will everything really collapse and the movie theaters stay empty because of that? We firmly believe that the MCU can survive even without Tom Holland portraying Peter Parker on the big screen. Not only will some great new movies hit theaters in phase four, but there will also be top-notch artists in The Eternals like Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden and Kit Harington. Yes, it's two stars of Game of Thrones in a blockbuster movie! We can also expect to see other young future heroes, such as Kamala Khan, also known as Mrs. Marvel. Because we are not getting this super powerful world on the big screen anymore, thanks to Disney + streaming, we can see some of our favorite heroes from all over with Internet access. Far From Home hits hard at the box office but many other superhero movies with characters that Marvel Studios is still allowed to use! It may not be Tony Stark's future, but we hope so anyway.

What do you think of the fate of the Marvel film universe without our favorite web crawler? Do you think that will persevere or is it the beginning of the end? Share your impressions with us in the comment section, then click the subscribe button to get more videos from us here at CBR.


Entry 1 – NUMBER
Entry 2 – UNKNOWN
Entrance 3 – CAST STARS
Entry 5 – REACH
Entrance 6 – OFFICE
Entry 7 – UNDERDOG
Entry 8 – CYCLE
Entrance 10 – NEVER TELL EVER

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