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10 year old woman and girl found dead in Bronx, police say

The bodies of a 10-year-old woman and her daughter, as well as a man shot in the head, were found in a Bronx home on Saturday afternoon, police said.

Linda Manigault, 34, and her daughter, Heaven Ross, have died. The police did not identify the man, aged 32, who was taken to St. Barnabas hospital in critical condition. It was not known what other relationships, if any, existed between the victims.

The two-storey house, located at 2153 Belmont Avenue, is part of the colorful row houses of the Belmont section near the Bronx Zoo.

Heide Sanchez, who lived downstairs from Ms. Manigault, said that Ms. Manigault lived with her boyfriend and four children. Ms. Sanchez stated that Ms. Manigault had helped families from a homeless shelter.

"They were just devotees," Ms. Sanchez said. "You would never think it would happen to them. She was great. She was such a beautiful person. "

Ms. Sanchez stated that she had a relationship with Ms. Manigault, who had moved there about 15 months ago, because they were both mothers at work.

Ms. Sanchez said that she sometimes kept Ms. Manigault's children. Two weeks ago, Mrs. Manigault and Heaven shared lemon cake with Ms. Sanchez's family.

"I never would have thought it would have happened to her," Ms. Sanchez said. "His children will never be the same."

She said that she saw the family every day and that she had seen Mrs. Manigault and her children on Friday. She said that earlier Saturday, three children in the family had run to a neighbor's house, who had called the police.

Police responded around 1:30 pm, they said, after receiving a call to check on their well-being at home. The call was initially described as a hostage, according to the fire department, but after the police entered the house, they found the man, the woman and her daughter "unconscious and unconcerned".

Police continued their investigation on Saturday night. An officer was standing in front of the open door of the house and a crime band was wrapped around a gray Kia Telluride and a silver Mercedes-Benz ML 320.

Neighbors, some crying, gathered at the house. Some said the violence was unexpected in a neighborhood considered welded and safe.

"I've never seen this before, ever," said Oscar Carmona, 33, who has lived in the area for over 16 years. "I have never seen anything of this graphic in this neighborhood. Fights with teenagers is common, they are children, but it's not the same. It's like a movie release. "

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