100 thieves sign the names of the old stars H1Z1 and Overwatch to enrich the list of players of Apex Legends | Dexerto.com


The North American Spies Organization 100 Thieves signed his second Apex Legends signature in as many days, recruiting a well-known personality from the H1Z1 and Overwatch communities.

On February 26, 100 thieves announced that they had signed "Teenage" as the second full-time personality of Apex Legends, which will serve both as a professional player and content creator.

Although its presence on Twitter and on content platforms such as Twitch and YouTube still has a lot to do, Teenage certainly does not lack talent, especially in Apex Legends.

According to statistics provided by Apex Tracker, Teenage is currently ranked 70th in the world on PC with 4,587 dead with the Wraith, inflicted more than 975,000 damage (63rd) and hit 3,254 shots to the head (159th).

He was also part of the team that managed to get 41 eliminations in one game of Apex Legends on Feb. 16, good enough to be tied for the PC world record.

As the tweet above mentions, Teenage is certainly a well-known name in the H1Z1 and Overwatch communities, having proven its dominance in both games.

His praise for Overwatch is particularly impressive, especially that of becoming Widowmaker's # 1 player.

He was also involved in Fortnite Before jumping into Apex, you'll find some of his best game moments in the montage below.

Of course, Apex Legends does not yet have an official esports scene, but the question of its potential existence has become a question of when and not if.

Thus, organizations like 100 Thieves are already trying to strengthen their professional teams with the best talent available, which is very similar to the number of organizations engaging Fortnite players before it has its own esport scene. .

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