12 things we learned about Ariana Grande through her "diaries of a dangerous woman"


Ariana Grande gave his fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of his life with a brand new series of four-part YouTube docu-videos.

With a preview of the composition of her latest album, "Sweetener", her latest tour and her memorable One Love concert in Manchester, "Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Diaries" was almost all that his greatest disciples wanted to see better.

Why almost? Well, the focus is certainly not on his personal life, which made headlines this year. Instead, we have a minor glimpse at Pete Davidson, while the rest is really focused on music.

The first episode is now available for free on YouTube, with three additional episodes streamed for YouTube Premium subscribers. They will eventually be released widely every Thursday for the next three weeks.

Although much of the footage shows Grande's outstanding performance, there is also some interesting information about Ariana to learn by watching the four episodes. We have broken down some of the best gems below!

  • While she is seen wearing Pete's engagement ring throughout the series, it only appears once. He can be seen applauding for her in the background towards the end of the first episode, after his performance of "God Is a Woman" at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

  • Great think that "Sweetener" is exactly the music that she should be doing. "I do not feel like I'm out of my comfort zone, I feel like I've found her," she explained. . The singer went on to say that working with Pharrell on this album was "dope" and that he was "always ready to push you to places where you have never been before". She added, "I feel that I have worked long to consolidate my sound and that I feel it stronger than ever."

  • Ariana panicked when Madonna's audio cameo for "God Is a Woman" came in for the first time. We can hear the pop icon recite the writing of Ezekiel 25:17 in the finished song. "So, today, it's a really beautiful day," explained Grande, the dizzying. "Madonna, she gave us seven catches, not one but seven, and me, uh, I do not have any words, I'm going to put me to sleep, guys, life is not better than that, I swear to god."

  • Before his record company heard the last album, Grande flew into a superfan of Paris to sign it first. She later organized a "Sweetener Slumber Evening" with a group of fans, letting them hear it before it was released. "I'm always curious to hear what my fans have to say about my music, I feel we have such a close connection, a connection," she said.

  • This VMA performance of "God is a woman"? Grande said that she was "riding on the treadmill" when she came with it. With that, some calls were made to his team and the routine inspired by the "last supper" was created. After someone in her team suggested to her mother, her grandmother and her cousin to join her on the scene in the end, Grande said that she had been crying. Meanwhile, Grande said to her, "Nona was like: 'It's time for you to ask me!'

  • In one of the most candid moments at the very end of the first episode, she urges her dancers. "All right, ladies, I have a question, can you make me a solid one.I know that one of you has a stamp," she asks.

  • When she had her hair behind the scenes during one of her shows, the great pony-loving performer joked that "the nerves in my scalp are as if" anything, "she added. . used to have headaches, now it's just like [throws up arms]& # 39; & # 39; Good job today. & # 39; & # 39; She also revealed that she had already had a frightening vision of all her hair just "flying off".

  • His photo for the documentation of his visa is the one taken at the Grammy Awards 2015, with a Photoshopped blouse on it. She laughs, adding, "I do not know how it works, they bought costumes from all my dancers!"

  • Do not mess with Ari. Why? See below.

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  • His dog Toulouse was the "king of the journey", following her wherever she went. "It's so wild, it walks around the sites, without a leash, nothing and it's good," she explained. "There is not a moment when this boy is not by my side He is like my shadow, he is my best friend, he is my companion."

  • When the special came to the One Love concert in Manchester – replaying her performance of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" of the tribute show – Grande shared a letter on screen in the doc instead of the narration. Below is what is read in full:

It's been eight months since the attack on our show at the Manchester Arena. It's impossible to know where to start or know what to say about this part. On May 22, 2017, I will remain speechless and filled with questions for the rest of my life.

The music is an escape. Music is the safest thing I know. Music – pop music, stan culture – brings people together, introduces them to some of their best friends and gives them the feeling of being themselves. It's comfort. It's fun. That's the expression. It's happiness. This is the last thing that could hurt anyone. It's safe.

When something so opposite and so toxic occurs in your world, it is supposed to be anything but that … it is shocking and heartbreaking in a way that seems impossible to recover completely.

The spirit of the people of Manchester, the families affected by this terrible tragedy and my fans around the world have touched us permanently throughout our lives. Their love, strength and unity showed that my team, my dancers, my group and all the crew should not be defeated. Continue during the most frightening and sad moments. Do not let hate win. But on the contrary, enjoy the strongest possible and enjoy every moment.

The people of Manchester have managed to turn an event describing the worst of humanity into an event representing the most beautiful of humanity. "Like a handprint on my heart" … I think of Manchester constantly and I will bring it everyday for the rest of my days.

  • Grande was very moved during the last soundcheck of the tour, crying on stage with the whole team. Speaking of their time on the road, she said to tears, "It's so much that we all have lived. now that it is here, it is horrible. "

Do not forget to watch every episode of the series, as they come out every Thursday – all performances deserve to be watched!

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