13 people who just need to disconnect a minute


Sometimes your mind wants to leave but your scrolling finger does not allow it.

There are many reasons to close an application, quit your browser or just shut down. Maybe you have paired with a jerk on a dating app, maybe the sun has gone down while you are watching too many YouTube videos of random items crushed by big pistons.

At some point, there is not much left to do but empty the streams and interact for a moment with the physical world. I know I know. It's scary.

If you've been clicking for so long that your eyes are dry and wet at the same time, here are some inspiring reasons to slow down your scrolling.

1. When stans become political, it's time to go.

2. Waiting for the third date to discuss the room in which we are, are we going?

3. Do not quote American beautybut "Sometimes there is so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can not stand it …"

(All right, we're talking about a plastic bag and I'm talking about Twitter)

4. Too much human interaction.

5. Sometimes even a little change of scenery is enough.

6. Oh yes. The sweet state of illusion.

7. Maybe just do not Tweet

8. "It's been 84 years."

9. This first line of amputation deserves its own t-shirt. And a restrictive order.

10. just to pretend you're online.

11. A condemned cycle.

12. Aaaaand it's time to get out of & # 39; Tube.

13. Even the universe asks you to leave Twitter for a second.

Go ahead! Be free! Enjoy the sun? Does it call? This big thing who issues light? No, not an iPad, the thing in the sky. Whatever it is, let's resume in 17 seconds when you reopen this browser. GO THE TEAM!

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