17 Season 8 of Game of Thrones we are waiting for, from Cleganebowl to the fall of the king of the night


in the Game of thrones Premiere of Season 8, the show served a handful of long-awaited moments, including Jon Snow on a dragon, the reunion of Arya and Jon (and Arya and Gendry) and the arrival of Daenerys in the North. All these scenes were incredible, but there is still so much that fans want to see in Game of thrones Season 8. And given the limited number of episodes of the last season, it is highly likely that at least some highly anticipated scenes will not occur. But this is not a reason not to dream big, because there are still many prophecies to achieve and reunion too juicy to be ignored.

Having said that, here are all the things that absolutely must happen in season 8. Because, yes, Jon on Rhaegal was the stuff whose dreams are made, but no one is willing to give up on Cleganebowl's hype for l & # 39; now. After seeing the real Azor Ahai stand up against Brienne and Jaime, finally admitting that they're more than just friends who sometimes threaten to go to the kill, here's all that last season's Game of thrones must serve before the fans leave the Seven Kingdoms for good.

1. Cleganebowl


Look, the series (and books) teases Cleganebowl from years. It is high time that The Hound and The Mountain embark on an epic showdown. And after The Hound's worrisome words to his big-dead brother in Season 7, the chances of this much-anticipated brawl are better than ever.

2. Discover who is Azor Ahai Reborn


Whether the answer to which the Prince / Princess has been promised is Jon, Daenerys or Lyanna Mormont, it is time for the series to reveal everything.

3. See someone kill the king of the night …


The king of the night must come down. Game of thrones is known to be dark, but if the ultimate evil wins, then it will be a new level of depressing. To see Jon, Jaime, Arya, Sam or any number of characters to eliminate their icy enemy from the North would be much more satisfying.

4. … and find out why he's so connected to Bran


Bran deserves his own list, as the number of questions surrounding him and his status as a three-eyed crow continues to grow. If the show only responds to one of them, then the young Lord Stark must be so connected to the King of the night. (And why the king of the night seems to follow him to the south.)

5. Arya marks the Cersei from his list


Nobody wants to see Arya become completely crazy, but if she can only mark one more name on her list, Cersei is then the ideal candidate. And, hey, if she does it by wearing Jaime's face, then she can finally solve that annoying Valonqar theory.

6. The return of Mélisandre


The red woman promised Varys to return to Westeros to die, but before her life ends, she must first settle unfinished business with Ser Davos and Arya.

7. Meeting of Sansa & Cersei


It would be a real tragedy if Sansa and Cersei do not have the chance to face one last time. After all, Queen Lannister was one of Sansa's first teachers and it's time to see how much the Stark girl has absorbed all these hard lessons.

8. Jaime & Brienne fighting side by side


Jaime and Brienne have been dancing since season 3. It's probably too much to hope for a love confession, but at least they can fight White Walkers side by side.

9. Jon Dais Daenerys who are his parents


Poor Jon has just seen his world switch with the news that Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen are his parents. But he can not ignore this reality for too long because he is in love with his aunt. The moment he says to Daenerys should be a juicy moment – and it's even possible that it could place them in opposing camps since Jon has more rights to the Iron Throne than the Dragon Mother.

10. The triumphant return of Ghost


The dragons are excellent and all, but it's time for #TeamDirewolf to represent it. Ghost is Jon's real companion and it is high time that he returns to the fold.

11. Sam, Gilly and baby Sam Live happy forever


Ask for happy ends on Game of thrones It's a great way to convict people, but if anyone deserves to go after it's Sam, Gilly and the baby Sam. If the show wants to go on and make sure Sam is the theory of the narrator become a reality, then it would be doubly incredible.

12. Daenerys finally in the throne room


Whether or not Daenerys sits on the iron throne remains outstanding, but is destined to at least go to the throne room. His vision at the House of Immortals must be realized before the end of the series.

13. Theon fighting alongside the Starks


Theon's bow of redemption is almost over. All that remains to be done is to make their way to the North and fight alongside the remaining Starks now that Yara is safe.

14. Drogon & Rhaegal Vs. Viserion Undead


You can not introduce an ice dragon into the mix and expect fans that they are not clamoring for a battle between Viserion and his fiery brothers.

15. A final confrontation between Tyrion and Cersei


Poor Tyrion has fallen off the map in recent seasons, but he still has some work to do with Cersei. The question of whether or not he has an agreement with his sister in season 7 is still outstanding and needs to be resolved with one last juicy clash.

16. The prophecy of Valonqar arrives to pass


Cersei dreads the arrival of the Valonqar since she visited Maggy the frog in the woods when she was a kid. She has passed her destiny long enough. Season 8 must finally reveal if Jaime, Tyrion, Arya or another person will be completely the end of Queen Lannister.

17. The destruction of the iron throne


The iron throne caused untold suffering to the people of Westeros. It's an ugly symbol of uncontrolled power that needs to be destroyed. Daenerys swore that she would break the steering wheel. It is now time for her (or anyone standing) to follow through on this promise.

Everybody Game of thrones The wish list is a little different, but these 17 things are absolutely essential for the last season.

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