19 Black Friday Deals Under $ 50 (2020): Cases, Speakers, Leggings & More

We have a cat accessories guide in the works and a spoiler alert, we love the two Catit water fountains we tested. If your cat seems disinterested in his bowl of water (and drawn to the tap), he may prefer a fountain. The all-plastic version has a cute, detachable flower that can be configured for three water flow settings. The stainless steel topped fountain has only one flow setting, but it still performs well and the top is dishwasher safe. We recommend that you clean both options often as the plastic can get dirty. You will also need to replace the filters regularly (which are also reduced by 25% at the moment, including the rest of Catit products).

Colgate Hum Battery Powered Smart Toothbrush for $ 45 ($ 20 off)


The Colgate Hum is a well-made electric brush – you don’t have to look at your phone every time you brush your teeth to map your progress and get feedback – and it’s cheaper than most smart brushes. . This offer is only under $ 50 for the battery-powered version on Amazon (now $ 45); the rechargeable version is $ 60 with this sale. The prices are always more expensive on Amazon than on the Colgate site, but today those selling prices are respectively $ 5 and $ 10 less on Amazon than on the Colgate site.

Disposable masks for $ 8 ($ 22 off)


This pack of face masks fell for the same price on the day of Amazon Prime. Disposable masks aren’t the most environmentally friendly option – we recommend investing in some reusable masks – but they are lightweight and effective. This is a good option if you are prone to the dreaded mascne.

Lifestraw for $ 16 ($ 4 off)


If you’re hiking, camping, or have a first aid kit handy, a LifeStraw is a good thing to include. It filters contaminated water without batteries or other accessories. We’ve seen it dip to $ 10 before, so you might want to wait and see if the price drops even more.

Truth or Drink for $ 25 ($ 10 off)


Truth or Drink has gained popularity on the internet for being dirty, funny, and slightly cringe-worthy. It includes five packs of cards with questions ranging from tame to NSFW. We’re all stuck inside, you might as well get to know everyone in the house really well.

Beauty and clothing offers

Photograph: Bret Lemke / Girlfriend

Girlfriend Collective High Rise Compression Leggings for $ 40 ($ 27 off)

Collective of girlfriends

I never thought I would spend more than $ 10 on leggings and then I tried these on. They’re high waisted (I have a long torso and most “high waisted” pants barely reach my belly button), aren’t sheer, and you won’t pull or readjust them when you move. They are also made from 25 plastic bottles and 79% recycled polyester and come in recycled packaging. Once you’ve passed them or worn them out completely, you can return them to Girlfriend Collective for recycling again (and you’ll receive a gift card).

If you don’t need high-waisted leggings, there are also mid-rise leggings on sale for $ 34; everything else is 30% off, like the Paloma bra which I love too.

All TreadBands for $ 10 ($ 8 + discount)


Parker Hall, editor-in-chief of WIRED, loves these headbands. They keep your eyes from sweating and are sized for all heads (headbands tend to be based on women’s height). Plus, all TreadBands include a tiny rubberized strip on the front, which keeps it in place while you run.

Black Friday retail pages

Here are some of the other big sales going on right now. Check out our Black Friday tips for more tips.

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