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2 and under: Arkansas eliminated by Texas Tech at College World Series

Posted: Monday 17 June 2019

– Arkansas hoped to stay two more weeks at the world university championships, but the Razorbacks' trip ended after two games.

Last team eliminated from Omaha in 2018, Arkansas became the first to be eliminated this year with a 5 to 4 loss to Texas Tech on Monday, ahead of 19,236 players at TD Ameritrade Park.

The Razorbacks season is over with a record of 46-20.

Like Arkansas' defeat at Florida State on Saturday, Texas Tech (45-19) scored the winning point in its last game. Cameron Warren made two goals in front of Arkansas reliever Cody Scroggins and scored a triple plus five RBI throws later by Cody Masters.

The Scroggins defeated Arkansas in both games at Omaha.

The Razorbacks had the chance to tie the game or to take the lead in the ninth inning after Jacob Nesbit was hit by a throw and Christian Franklin had the choice to bring the top of Arkansas order at the plate. No surrender, however, as Trevor Ezell headed for the pitcher's mound, Casey Martin hit and Matt Goodheart flew to the left field to end the game.

Arkansas has failed eight base runners.

The Razorbacks created the 4-4 tie early in the eighth inning with Jack Kenley's sacrificial fly. Dominic Fletcher walked with a single withdrawal and advanced to third base thanks to a single from Heston Kjerstad.

Kjerstad was found in the goal position later in the inning, but Casey Opitz was retired.

The Razorbacks were leading 3-0 early, but Arkansas pitchers Connor Noland and Kevin Kopps allotted two points each on the Texas Tech circuits.

Cameron Warren's two Noland circuits allowed Texas Tech to return to 3-2 at the end of the fourth inning. Easton Murrell scored a solo goal against Kopps in fifth place to tie the match at 3-3, and Red Raiders' All-American short-stop Josh Jung scored a solo goal against Kopps to lead the bottom from the sixth to give a 4-3 lead advantage.

Murrell, a sophomore who left Arkansas before the season, scored the first run of his career, while Warren scored his 18th of the season and Jung his 15th. Kopps had allowed a home run this season before the match.

Arkansas scored the first goal on a solo home led by Heston Kjerstad early in the second run. The Razorbacks added two more points in the third inning, with Martin's triple on two points and Goodheart's single on two points to score 3-0.

Arkansas scored three points against Texas Tech starter Caleb Kilian, who decided not to make a decision in 7 innings. Kilian tied a career high with 9 strikeouts, allowed 6 hits and beat 1 batter.

Noland decided not to make a decision for the eleventh time of the season after allowing 2 points on 4 hits in 4 innings.

Texas Tech reached Wednesday a playoff game against Michigan or the state of Florida.

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