2 cars spend more than an hour arguing over a parking spot in Los Angeles, viral videos


Two Californian drivers were ready to lose a good part of their day looking for a parking space – and all this was filmed on a video and posted online as part of a viral thread on Twitter.

The meeting took place Monday in the Koreatown district of Los Angeles, according to Mariah Flores, under the direction of @Mrhflrs, who documented the hilarious battle.

Nicknamed the "black car" and the "silver car", the drivers of each vehicle seemed to spend nearly two hours – from 6:20 pm to 8 pm, apparently until past 8 pm. – try to park in parallel on a sidewalk.

The first picture showed the two cars competing for a place. The silver car, according to the Twitter user, apparently blocked the parking of the black car. Drivers of both vehicles were waiting in the street, lighting their hazard lights and slowing traffic because of their deadlock.

"If it was a type of sport, I imagine we're getting close to half-time," Flores said in a time-stamped video at 6:53 pm, asking his followers that they were "a car." black or silver ".

When the horns sounded, the two vehicles had not moved at 19:19. The person who filmed the meeting assumed that it appeared that the black car had passed by a parking spot and had turned around to go back when the silver car had apparently tried to block the effort .

But soon after 7:30, as noted by the user of Twitter, a "plot" took place: a third vehicle parked in front of the black car left its location, freeing up space for black and silver cars. park on the road.

The black and silver cars parked quickly before staying in their car for a while before going out. "How are they afraid of each other or is it just embarrassing now?" the user of Twitter asked.


The driver of the silver car finally got out of his car – "SILVER wins the gold medal" – leaving the stage after 8pm. Later, Flores wrote two letters to the drivers asking them to send him an email about what had happened.

Flores, speaking to KNBC, said the confrontation "was so beautiful, I wish they wanted to go out and greet me or something like that, I think everyone was hoping for it."

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