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2 employees scraped by a cat infected with rabies

Orange County, Fla. – Two Disney World employees were scarred by a wildcat infected with rabies virus in the Epcot area, but neither worker has been in contact with park guests, said Disney Wednesday.

A 60-day rabies alert was issued Monday after the discovery of the infected cat near the intersection of Interstate 4 and Epcot Center Drive, officials said the Department of Health.

The two Disney employees were looked after and returned to work, the Disney spokeswoman said. Employees have not been tested positive for rabies, according to a spokesman for the health department.

The area under the alert extends over a two mile radius around I-4 and Epcot Center Drive.

Health officials have asked residents and visitors to avoid wild cats and dogs, as well as wild animals such as raccoons, bats, foxes, skunks, otters, bobcats and coyotes.

Rabies is a life-threatening disease that affects the nervous system. It is usually spread by saliva and humans can be infected with a bite or scratch, health officials say.

The Department of Health recommends anyone bitten by an animal suspected of rabies to wash the wound with soap and water and consult a doctor. They must also report the incident to Orange County Animal Services at 407-254-9150.

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