2019 franchise tag candidates and forecasts for 32 NFL teams


Will the Philadelphia Eagles find a trading partner for quarterback Nick Foles? The clock begins to turn Tuesday, when the NFL window to put franchise tags on the players opens.

The franchise label is a manpower designation that restricts the potential for a player's movement in exchange for a high salary of one year. Each team can place the franchise tag on a free agent on hold, an expensive decision that also offers a huge advantage against the loss of a player, guaranteeing the team a substantial return if the player leaves it.

Teams have until March 5 (at 4 pm ET) to affix franchise tags on their most valuable players.

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The expected salary for shifts with the franchise designation in 2019 is $ 25 million. The Eagles' trade options depend on the franchise designation – they can not keep Foles in their accounts at that number as a replacement at Carson Wentz. But if there is competition between teams requiring a quarter who want to sign with Foles, the Eagles can assign him the attribute and then make an exchange.

Pro Bowl defensemen Jadeveon Clowney and C.J. Mosley are among the other players likely to be scored for this season.

NFL Nation reporters predict whether teams will use the etiquette and, if so, on which players (in alphabetical order by team):

Grady Jarrett, defensive striker

The Falcons do not stop saying that signing a long-term extension for Jarrett is a top priority, but that has not happened yet. The talks were presented during the season, but are expected to continue after the release of more than $ 15 million by CB teams Robert Alford, K Matt Bryant and DE Brooks Reed. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, Jarrett's marking priced at around $ 15.5 million for 2019 could be an option, although the Falcons have not used the label freely over the years.

Prediction: Based on the history of the Falcons with their renowned players, expect Jarrett to get a long-term contract that prevents the team from using the franchise tag. – Vaughn McClure

C.J. Mosley Seconded Player

The new Ravens general manager, Eric DeCosta, would not deny that the brand is at stake for Mosley. This is not very practical. The use of the proposed $ 15 million Mosley Beacon would consume more than half of Baltimore's available headroom. Mosley is the top ranked NFL top ranked defensive tackle and is one of the team's top leaders. But one might wonder if Mosley deserves to be the best-paid linebacker of the match. When asked if the Ravens would consider etiquette for Mosley, DeCosta replied, "I think everything is on the table, I certainly hope that CJ will be back." I believe deep inside me that It will be. "

Prediction: The Ravens will not put the franchise etiquette on Mosley, but they will eventually keep him free. All parties are optimistic about reaching an agreement. –– Jamison Hensley

Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence

The Cowboys want to avoid tagging Lawrence for a second year. He earned $ 17.1 million in 2018 on the label and $ 20.5 million in 2019. The Cowboys wanted to see if Lawrence could repeat his production from 2017. He did it, in placing 10.5 sacks with 39 quarterback pressures and a second Pro Bowl sign. A year ago, there seemed to be little hope that a long-term agreement could be reached. This year, there seems to be a little more optimism, even with a tight window to negotiate. If the Cowboys use the label again on Lawrence, they may not show up for the off-season, minicamp, camp and even regular season games.

Prediction: The Cowboys know that it will be expensive, but in the end, a contract should be finalized and they will not use the etiquette. – Todd Archer

Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney

It remains to be seen whether he will be identified as defensive end or linebacker, and the difference is about $ 1 million. Clowney has collected 18.5 sacks for the past two seasons and has missed just one game of that period after missing 17 games in his first three seasons. He has become a major disruptor and the Texans would like to keep him with a J.J. in good health. Watt. Clowney has imposed himself as the top scorer of the Texans when Watt missed 11 games in 2017. The Texans have about $ 64 million of reserve funds, so it will not be difficult to score, this which would give them more time to prepare. long-term agreement.

Prediction: Expect Texans to use the tag on Clowney. – Michael DiRocco

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The linebacker Dee Ford

The Chiefs seem motivated to use Ford, whether it's a long-term contract or a franchise. Ford would cost about $ 15 million on the franchise label. He indicated during the season that he would sign the call for tenders if he was labeled, calling this decision "a no brainer". It would be a shame for the leaders to monitor Ford's match for another team after he finally kept the promise that had led them. to write it in the first round in 2014. "When we wrote Dee a few years ago, all these things we had envisioned for him, he sort of showed that he was that player. bring it back, "said General Manager Brett Veach.

Prediction: Look for leaders to mark Ford, in the absence of a long-term agreement. – Adam Teicher

The linebacker Dante Fowler Jr

The Rams have taken the habit in recent years to use the franchise label, most recently on safety Lamarcus Joyner and previously on cornerback Trumaine Johnson (two consecutive seasons). But this season, the label could be used on Fowler. The Rams traded for Fowler at mid-season as a short-term hiring and the former pick of the first round provided a necessary edge presence. If the Rams identified with Fowler, it would probably be at the cost of a defensive end, which would represent more than $ 17 million. This is an exorbitant price for training that also needs a defensive tackle and potentially a security. In 10 games with the Rams last season, including the playoffs, Fowler had 3.5 sacks and a forced fumble.

Prediction: The Rams will not use the tag on Fowler. – Lindsey Thiry

Seconded Anthony Barr

The Vikings knew that they would face a tough decision with Barr when they would choose not to extend the former first round player of the last season, which would then put him in a position to play his fifth year option. Minnesota must decide if it wants to spend the estimated $ 15 million for a franchise label in order to keep Barr – or possibly exchange it soon after. Barr closed a season high and low towards the end of 2018, recording the first multi-sack game of his career in the NFL and generating 23 total pressures in quarterbacks on 94 rushes, according to Pro Football Focus. While he said he wanted to return to Minnesota, Barr expressed a wish to keep all his options open when he presented himself independently. "I know my value and I know what to do, I have to do it for myself," said Barr at the Pro Bowl. Although Barr has been an integral part of Mike Zimmer's defense since his appointment in 2014, for a team against the salary cap, spending that amount to retain Barr does not seem realistic while there are other needs more and the likelihood that the Vikings will find their replacement in the draft or elsewhere.

Prediction: The Vikings will not use the label on Barr. – Courtney Cronin

Kicker Stephen Gostkowski

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The Patriots could sign an extension with Gostkowski prior to release, but if they do not, assigning him the franchise label would help them retain some weight to keep it in the lap of 2019. L $ 5 million label is richer than the club would plan to pay on an annual basis as part of a multi-year agreement, it could be a placeholder until the parties enter into a longer pact. Some might ask, "Why not DE Trey Flowers or OT Trent Brown?" The idea is that their number of franchise labels would be too high for the taste of the team.

Prediction: Patriots will not use the etiquette on Gostkowski and will have him sign for an extension. – Mike Reiss

Landon Collins Security

The Giants are not in a position to allow 25-year-old defensive playmakers to walk. Collins wants to stay and be paid the maximum amount of money for security. But given the unpredictability of the security market in recent years and its position (strong security), it will be difficult to find a mutually agreeable area of ​​agreement.

Prediction: This will leave Collins destined for the security franchise label at nearly $ 11 million by 2019. – Jordan Raanan

Quarterback Nick Foles

The Eagles hope to get some value back via tags and exchanges by leaving the former Super Bowl MVP. As the number of franchisees for shifts is expected to rise to around $ 25 million, Philly needs to align its trading partner before embarking on this path. If an exchange does not materialize, the Eagles can let Foles walk and settle for a compensatory choice in 2020.

Prediction: The stars must line up, but we will say that the reception finds a dance partner and performs a tag and an exchange. – Tim McManus

The running backer The & # 39; Veon Bell

Designating Bell as franchise player for the third year in a row is unlikely. Keeping Bell for a year broke the goodwill of his team. Many players in the league think his third mark is worth more than $ 20 million. Despite this, the Steelers would not want to pay that or would not allocate the course limit to stay. the tag in place. The transition label is more sustainable, especially if the Steelers can prove it is worth about $ 9.5 million instead of $ 14.5 million because of Bell's absence in 2018. But Bell can not be exchanged unless it signs the label or that the Steelers use a complicated offer sheet of signature and exchange, which is risky if the other teams are not interested in the numbers of the card d & # 39; offer. In addition, the NFLPA would argue that such a decision would violate the spirit of the beacon and the collective agreement.

Prediction: The Steelers will not use any labels on Bell. – Jeremy Fowler

Kicker Robbie Gould

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Gould was the league's most accurate kicker in two seasons in San Francisco, converting 96% of his 75 attempts. This type of production makes him a valuable asset in a league where kickers seem to regularly miss clutch shots. The franchise identification number for kickers in 2019 is expected to be around $ 5 million, a figure that Niners can easily absorb, given that they should have a ceiling of $ 60 to $ 70 million. Ideally, the 49ers would like to sign an extension of contract with Gould prior to the granting of independent status. The parties have had talks on this, but it is hard to imagine a scenario in which they would let him walk with no other option clearly available.

Prediction: If no agreement is reached, Gould will be identified and negotiations will continue. – Nick Wagoner

Defensive end Frank Clark

The franchise label has seemed plausible since Clark's agent told ESPN.com in October that his client was ready to wait for an agreement that would make him one of the NFL's highest-paid passkeepers, even if it involved playing on a label first. "We expect Frank to be with us," said coach Pete Carroll at the end of the season, which seems to indicate that the Seahawks will touch Clark if they have to. Clark will turn 26 in June. He has just finished his best season and his 32 bags since 2016 are the 9th best of this period. It is almost impossible to imagine that the Seahawks let him go free. With more than $ 50 million in funding for 2019, the Seahawks can easily absorb the $ 17 to $ 18 million costs associated with the label.

Prediction: Clark gets tagged and both parties continue to negotiate a long-term deal. – Brady Henderson

Offensive attack Donovan Smith

Smith will be back with the Bucs in 2019. The question is whether it's a franchise or a long-term contract. He started 64 consecutive games, tied for second on the left in the league behind Jake Matthews. That would make Smith the leftmost tackle in the free agent market. Yes, he sometimes shone, but he also had problems of coherence. Yet at just 25 years old, the Bucs believe that it has not reached its ceiling and that its main asset is its sustainability.

Prediction: If the Bucs can not reach a long-term agreement, which is estimated to be between $ 12 million and $ 13 million a year, they will franchise it at about $ 14.077 million for one year. – Jenna Laine

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