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2019 Giants Calendar: win / loss predictions for each match

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Every week, look at the Giants' schedule for 2019 and discover early forecasts that will certainly change a lot:

Week 1 (September 8th) – @ Cowboys, 4:25 pm.

Death, taxes and giants open up against the Cowboys … or something like that. This is a difficult start against a much improved Dallas team. The Giants gave them a point at the end of last season, but they will need a few weeks to prepare for their new offensive, less Odell.

Prediction: LOSS

Week 2 (September 15) – Against Bills, 1pm

Fans do not seem very happy with the Giants these days, so will they be … hum … nice when the Giants go home to 0-1? I guess it depends on the first set or the time it takes Eli Manning launch his first interception. It's a good thing that they play the Bills.

Prediction: WIN

Week 3 (September 22) – @ Buccaneers, 4:05 pm

The Bucs could be a surprise team this year with a much improved coaching staff, and what should be a much improved defense under Todd Bowles (Jets fans can stop laughing … really). The Bucs can score a lot. Will the Giants offensive be ready to leave? Not likely.

Prediction: LOSS

Week 4 (September 29) – vs. Redskins, 1 pm

That's why these schedule publication forecasts are ridiculous. Who is the quarterback of the Redskins? Keenum case? Colt McCoy? Josh Rosen? Dwayne Haskins? They have the potential to be a disaster at the beginning of the season as they try to understand everything.

Prediction: WIN

Week 5 (October 6) – vs. Vikings, 1 pm

Now, it is clear that the new Giants offensive will have understood the situation and that they would have the potential to score 25-30 points per game. Yes really. But the Vikings' defense interposes here and slows down their progress. Add what is announcing and this is a very difficult short stretch.

Prediction: LOSS

Week 6 (October 10) – Thursday night Football @ Patriots, 8:20 pm.

A short week to prepare Bill Belichick? D & # 39; AGREEMENT. And at this point, the Patriots will have finished giving up their usual double and enduring everyone by pronouncing them as dead and they will start to look like the Super Bowl contenders again. I know that giants often seem to have the number of patriots. Not here.

Prediction: LOSS

Week 7 (October 20th) – vs. Cardinals, 1 pm

Unless the Mets are in the World Series at this point (and yes, I'm hopeful), New York will wake up from its baseball sleep to see the Giants at 2-4. In other words: panic! If the Giants have recruited a rookie quarter, the fans will scream. They will scream for Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur to be fired too. And then the giants will beat Kyler Murray and the cardinals and all will be well.

Prediction: WIN

Week 8 (October 27th) – @ Lions, 1pm

The Giants have certainly dodged a bullet by not hiring Matt Patricia, is not it? It is already reported that his players hated him last season. Lions do not seem particularly improved at the moment and Belichick's former assistants still have not achieved good results. So, this looks like a winnable game at the moment.

Prediction: WIN

Week 9 (November 4) – Monday night football against the Cowboys, 8:15 pm.

A team of Giants who has found a .500 against a team of Cowboys who should now be leading the division at home with a raucous crowd who desperately want to believe that the Giants are back! It's like the game where Manning gets on national television and everyone goes home disappointed … and late. Very very late.

Prediction: LOSS

Week 10 (November 10) – @ Jets, 1 pm

In previous years, when the Jets thought they were ready to conquer the city, they ended up being gifted to reality by the Giants. Probably not this time, though. Supposing Sam Darnold All that most people think of him, the Jets suddenly look like the best team, with more dangerous offensive weapons and probably a better defense.

Prediction: LOSS

Week 11 – BYE

With a 4-6 record at rest, the Giants are looking into a tough final stretch, with what could be four games against qualifying teams for the playoffs. And they will probably have to win five. It will not be easy

Week 12 (November 24) – @ Bears, 1pm

I had never thought that the Bears were as good as they looked at last season, and that turned out to be true in the playoffs. They have incredible defense and Khalil Mack is great, but winning at Soldier Field is not that difficult. The Giants may be down, but that is the game that will give them hope.

Prediction: WIN

Week 13 (December 1st), vs Packers, 1pm

A return home against the Packers in a match to win absolutely for the month of December. They really hope a lot of wind and snow. Otherwise, if you subscribe to the theory that Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have spent years under Mike McCarthy's rule, they should now roll again and the Giants will not have the defense to stop them.

Prediction: LOSS

Week 14 (December 9) – Monday night football @ Eagles, 8:15 pm.

And now, it's really an imperative for the Giants at 5-7. The Eagles should be good again, rivaling the Cowboys for the division title. And the Giants had their problems in Philly and in prime time games. The combination will not be nice to them as their playoff hopes are going well.

Prediction: LOSS

Week 15 (December 15) – vs. Dolphins, 1 pm

If only this game had arrived a little earlier. The Dolphins certainly seem in the tank right now, and no one knows who will be their quarterback at this point. But since they have a reserve for Tua in 2020, they have a team that could be lucky to win two or three games. It will not be one of them.

Prediction: WIN

Week 16 (December 22nd) – @ Redskins, 1pm

If the Redskins were out of order at the start of the season – and I would bet they were – they will surely be late. The problem of quarterback will fly over the entire season. And if they have a recruit, they'll throw him to the wolves now.

Prediction: WIN

Week 17 (December 29) – vs. Eagles, 1 pm

How giant would it be for them to have a disappointing season that ends on a high note, just enough to give a little hope? It sounds very big, and unless the Eagles have something to play here, it's very possible. In addition, this could certainly be the last game of Manning's career, since he only signed up until the end of this season. Or maybe he will play so well that the Giants will bring him back with pleasure in 2020. Who knows?

Prediction: WIN


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