2019 NBA Playoff Results, Highlights, Results: The Nets hit the 76ers in the opening match; Raptors host Magic; Warriors take Clippers

The 2019 playoffs kicked off Saturday with a four-game series that began on the first day. The action began with the Philadelphia No. 3 76ers against No. 6 Brooklyn in the first game and it was not exactly what many expected.

Even with Joel Embiid in the starting lineup, the Sixers failed to get the job done as the Nets won 111-102. Dr. Angelo Russell led Brooklyn with 26 out of 10 shots out of 25, while Caris LeVert added 23 points on the bench. The Nets were helped by the fact that they made 11 attempts in 26 attempts beyond the arc.

Also in the East, the # 2 Toronto Raptors will be looking to start the playoffs on the right foot as they face seventh seed Orlando Magic. Kawhi Leonard will look to take on the scoring charge and prove why Toronto traded for him last summer.

Meanwhile, the Western Conference will see the top-ranked Golden State Warriors start defending their title against the Los Angeles Clippers, the eighth seeded, who sneaked into the playoffs despite Tobias Harris trading at the time limit of trade.

Finally, the evening ends with the Denver Nuggets No. 2 hosting the No. 7 San Antonio Spurs, which could become one of the most entertaining rounds of the first round.

NBA Schedule for Saturday, April 13

*All hours of the East

  • Brooklyn Nets 111, Philadelphia 76ers 102 (Box Score)
  • Orlando Magic at the Toronto Raptors, 5 pm (GameTracker) | TV: ESPN
  • Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors, 8pm (GameTracker) | TV: ABC
  • San Antonio Spurs at Denver Nuggets, 10:30 pm (GameTracker) | TV: ESPN

Embiid plays by contact and finishes a difficult layup

Joel Embiid left behind a less brilliant first half and helped the Sixers reduce the deficit. In the third quarter, Embiid managed to make his way through the contact and converted a floor mat despite a foul.

Butler knocks 3 beating to finish the first half

While Joel Embiid struggles, Jimmy Butler put the Sixers on the back in the first period against the Nets. Butler overturned a 3-of-wing to end the first half and scored 23 points until now for a Philadelphia team that desperately needed to score.

Dinwiddie blows by Marjanovic on the basic slam

Spencer Dinwiddie has been a remarkable discovery for the Nets and continues to show why. While Boban Marjanovic was watching him in a corner, Dinwiddie decided to exploit the imbalance and kicked a base kick by blowing himself up by the fat man of the Sixers.

Butler rejects Russell

Jarrett Allen of the Nets was able to block a shot from Tobias Harris early in the first game. However, Jimmy Butler decided to reciprocate and dismissed Angelo Russell at the edge.

Allen denies Harris at the edge

The center of the net, Jarrett Allen, was chic to block several top players throughout the season. In the first quarter, Allen was able to block an attempt to lay-up Tobias Harris while Harris cut the basket.

Embiid available to play

Joel Embiid will eventually play in the first game, after all. The big man was made available after being listed as a game decision. His presence will only help Philly to face his opponent in the first round.

How to watch Match 1 on the day of opening

Philadelphia 76ers (3) vs Brooklyn Nets (6) (Distribution of series)

  • Date: Saturday, April 13
  • Time: 2:30 pm in the afternoon. AND
  • Location: Wells Fargo Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • TV channel: ESPN
  • Live Statistics: GameTracker
  • Streaming Online: WatchESPN
  • chances: 76ers -7.5

Just two seasons ago, the Sixers and Nets were among the worst teams in the conference. So it's fair to say that both franchises have come a long way in a very short time. Philly has played in her second consecutive playoff run after being sidelined by the Boston Celtics in the second round last year. Brooklyn, for its part, makes its first appearance in the playoffs since the 2014-15 season. Both will try to make noise.

The two teams split the four games they played in the regular season, although the Sixers won the last game at the end of March. Brooklyn just did not have an answer for Joel Embiid, who added 39 points. with 13 rebounds and six assists. It seems they will not have to deal with the big featured man, who is considered dubious with left knee pain.

Toronto Raptors (2) vs. Orlando Magic (7) (Distribution of series)

  • Date: Saturday, April 13
  • Time: 5 pm ET
  • Location: Scotiabank Arena – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • TV channel: ESPN
  • Live Statistics: GameTracker
  • Streaming Online: WatchESPN
  • chances: Rapaces -8.5

Will this post-season be a different story for the Toronto Raptors? They have already turned to the finals of the NBA in recent seasons, but they have failed to establish a reputation for poor performance on the big stage. This time, they have a new coach and a whole series of new players that will help them change their fortunes in the playoffs. Their first challenge of the series will be the Orlando Magic, which returns in the series for the first time since 2012.

A playoff pillar against a team of new players may seem like an obvious imbalance, but crazy things can happen during the playoffs, as the game plan and battles become even more important.

Golden State Warriors (1) vs. L.A. Clippers (8) (Distribution of series)

  • Date: Saturday, April 13
  • Time: 8pm ET
  • Location: Oracle Arena – Oakland, California
  • TV channel: ABC
  • Streaming Online: WatchESPN
  • chances: Warriors -12.5

The top-ranked Golden State Warriors will face the No. 8 Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the playoffs. The defending champions will seek to pass through the Clippers and win their third consecutive title. Meanwhile, L.A.'s presence in the playoffs is a bit of a surprise, especially after the team traded Tobias Harris before the deadline. Thanks to the solid players Danilo Gallinari, Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams and others, however, the Clippers remain a formidable opponent.

The Warriors have won the regular season playoffs 3-1 over the Clippers and will look to continue to have the same success against them in the playoffs.

Denver Nuggets (2) against San Antonio Spurs (7) (Distribution of series)

  • Date: Saturday, April 13
  • Time: 22:30. AND
  • Location: Pepsi Center – Denver, Colorado
  • TV channel: ESPN
  • Streaming Online: WatchESPN
  • chances: Nuggets -6

The Nuggets, No. 2, Denver Nuggets (54-28) face the San Antonio Spurs, No. 7, favorites (48-34) in a first-round playoff series that could easily go both ways.

Although the idea of ​​a # 7 seed versus a # 2 seed is quite rare, this is a different case: these two teams share their series of the regular season and, although one has the overall record much superior, the other has the obvious advantage of the experience.

This series can be summed up as simply: will the Nuggets' superior talent and depth and their field advantage prove to make a difference? Or will the Spurs' experience and Gregg Popovich's role prove decisive in a potential playoff surprise?

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