2019 NFL Combination Results: Mike Weber, Miles Sanders and Garrett Bradbury Stand Out in Sport Tests

The NFL's annual combine harvester is in preparation and Friday was the first fieldwork of the week of combine harvesters. Semi-finalists, offensive linemen and specialists took the floor to run the 40s and demonstrate their talent in various other athletic exercises and tests.

Josh Jacobs of Alabama is the best running player this year, but he did not pass the tests on Friday because of an injury. Jacobs was among Ryan Wilson winners at the weigh-in day with Devin Singletary from the FAU and David Montgomery from Iowa State, but Friday's landscape was very different, with other names that stood out from their position. For offensive linemen, indoor players like Garrett Bradbury of NC State and Erik McCoy of Texas A & M stood out.

Earlier this week, our Chris Trapasso broke down what each exercise is supposed to measure, with players who could jump from the screen in each. You can also follow our latest mock drafts and lead rankings.

Let's see who really shone on Friday and which of the big names may have missed a golden opportunity to turn heads.

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Running to take away

With Josh Jacobs following an injury, the focus was on who could take the torch as No. 2 RB in the class. For some, it was FAU's Devin Singletary, but he did not help by posting a time of 4.66 40. He showed his talent more in agility exercises, but this time will not do him any favor.

Elijah Holyfield, of Georgia, was an abject disaster. He followed a race of 4.78 with a race of 4.81 in the 40, and did not really stand out during the agility exercises, which is not a surprise. The 4.78 was lifted as its official time in the exercise. Expect teams to place it on their boards unless they have a monster a day.

On the plus side, Justice Hill of the Oklahoma State dominated all halves with a 4.40 in the 40-meter dash and a 40-inch vertical and tied for the best 10-foot wide jump. It may not be seen as a return to size, but the figures he has published in a class that struggled to stand out should catch the attention of some teams. Unfortunately for Hill, his day ended early after suffering an injury in his second 40-yard run. He did not have the chance to shine in the exercises.

Mike Weber of the Ohio State was for me the most impressive player of the day. His 40 years was one of the best moments of the day at 4.47 seconds and he always seemed to be one of the best ORs on the field in each exercise, showing fluid skills in changing direction, good hands and fast routes. He really had the chance to be part of a committee at least at the NFL level, with the potential to have more.

Ryquell Armstead from Temple spoke to our Ryan Wilson how he would try to separate in Indy, targeting a 4.45 meter dashboard and 23 to 25 bench press representatives. He hit 4.45 on the nose, second fastest time for the RB at the combine, and approached with 22 reps on the bench. But the biggest question mark for Armstead is his ability to catch after he's not done so much for Temple. He seemed to be gently catching the ball in the exercises, and if the teams liked what they had seen, he could go back up from a late pick of the third day in the round 3-4 mix.

Alex Barnes of Kansas State has also done a solid job as a receivers, and this comes after he swept the rest of his position group with 34 reps on the bench. It has only run 4.59 40, but since it brings more than speed, it should still play a leading role for the NFL teams.

Finally, Penn State's Miles Sanders had to deal with a shadow the size of Saquon Barkley, but he really proved himself to Indy, looking like one of the best snipers who run exercises and demonstrate fluidity during exercises. This came after a quality time of 4.49 in the 40-yard dash. Sanders seems to be somebody that the proper coaching staff can turn into a star, if not Saquon, at least one of the 20 best talents in the job.

Offensive line to take away

Right striker Florida, Jawaan Taylor, who is the first line player chosen, did not run the 40 but managed to put a good band together in the agility exercises. In particular, he was tasked with following a very energetic counterpart in the mirror / dodge exercise, but was certainly ready for the challenge.

Alabama's left tackle, Jonah Williams, did not really leave the page compared to some of his counterparts present. His 5.10-meter run at 40 yards was a good time for him, but the rest of his numbers were good, not great. A tracking service might see something he likes in his agility drill work, which went well, but this performance will not help him to move inside. I would personally give him a glimpse of the plating and see if he can handle it.

The left-winger of Weber State, Iosua Opeta, had a great performance at the combine. He lifted 39 representatives on the bench press when nobody else at the position exceeded 34, then ran a 4.94 40-yard dash and hit 33-inch on the vertical jump. Excellent week for the former defensive lineman with three years of experience at the left attack.

Cody Ford of Oklahoma may not have played 40 minutes, but 5.21 is more than respectable for his job. And he certainly looked sporty in the exercises, especially when he had to prove that he could move to face the sharp edges. Many will probably trap him in custody, but there are many teams who choose among teens who could also use it at the right opportunity.

NC Garrett Bradbury State Center has done everything possible to improve its stock right out of the door. He ran a very tight dash of 4.92 meters, then showed his movements on the mirror / dodge exercise while standing out in the rest of the agility tests. Expect it to land somewhere in the first round, probably even in the top 20.

Boston College goaltender Chris Lindstrom had a nice pass with his 4.91 and looked refined in agility exercises. Like Bradbury, he also exceeded 30 inches vertically. Lindstrom should be stuck in the second round with a shot on the outside of sneaking into the top 32.

The Texas A & M center, Erik McCoy, is another interesting option for teams in the interior. He had a better draw of 4.89 in 40 yards on OL after placing 29 reps on the bench press and then jumped 31 inches vertically. It should be one of the top 50 choices.

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