2019 Oscars Ratings: ABC receives a bid for 2018 with Hostless Show


One night when Spike Lee turned his back Green paperIt's the win for the best film, the 91st Academy Awards, which will probably be remembered for being hostile and getting a long-awaited rebound in hearings.

The favouriteOlivia Colman shocked and delighted the crowd with her best actress title and magnificent speech, and early figures indicate that home viewers were caught with the ABC broadcast itself.

Running for about three hours and 21 minutes and experimenting without frontman or frontwoman for the first time since 1989, Sunday's Oscars scored 21.6 / 36 in the meter markets with a score of 8 at 11:15.

Shorter than usual for the first time in several years, it's a clear increase in ratings for the Academy of Motion Picture Art show. In fact, at a time when television series were gaining popularity, last night's Oscars were up 14.3% over the case led by Jimmy Kimmel.

Now, of course, the numbers can be fluid and we will not have a clear idea of ​​how this will actually be resolved until we see the final audience later in the day. For example, of the 56 markets that release the first numbers, the Nielsen results from Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus and Buffalo are behind schedule.

However, at this point, down 4% from the debacle of the best film on the 89th Academy Awards, the 91st Academy Awards appear to be close to the 80th Academy Awards hosted by Jon Stewart.

With 21.9 in the first parameters, this event of 24 February 2008 was the lowest of all time before the fall of last year. In a very different era of television, this ceremony on the Disney-owned network saw There is no country for old people take the best picture and about 32.0 million tune in.

Even though, at the moment, the Oscars of last night are the second lowest ever recorded, getting close to this type of audience in 2008 would be a victory for the much criticized AMPAS and ABC. As much as the net, squeezed by the weather, had to calm nervous advertisers this year after the fall of the Oscars under the 32 million viewers and a 21.0-meter market rating for the first time ever. last year.

A night that also saw The dead who walk on AMC and the season 3 finale of True detective on HBO, we'll update more to get an Oscar later. BTW, the latest series of True detective played Green paperMahershala Ali, who won her second Oscar for the supporting role in three years last night. In addition to Colman and Ali, other major categories of actors have moved to Bohemian Rhapsody"Rami Malek of the best actor and If Beale Street could speak"Regina King for secondary actress.

That said, while we wait for the latest numbers for last night's show, here is a sneak preview of the Oscars' 21st century performance to date, which won the Best Film Award and animated:

2019 To be determined, Green Paper (no host)
2018 26.5 million, The shape of the water (Jimmy Kimmel)
2017: 32.9 million, Moonlight (Jimmy Kimmel)
2016: 34.4 million euros, Spotlight (Chris Rock)
2015: 37.3 million, Birdman (Neil Patrick Harris)
2014: 43.7 million, 12-year-old slave (Ellen DeGeneres)
2013: 40.3 million, Argo (Seth MacFarlane)
2012: 39.3 million, the artist (Billy Crystal)
2011: 37.9 million, The speech of the king (Anne Hathaway / James Franco)
2010: 41.3 million, The Hurt Locker (Steve Martin / Alec Baldwin)
2009 36.3 million, Slumdog Millionaire (Hugh Jackman)
2008: $ 32.0 million, No Country For Old Men (Jon Stewart)
2007: 40. 2 million parties (Ellen DeGeneres)
2006: 38.9 million, Crash (Jon Stewart)
2005 $ 42.1 Million Dollar Baby (Chris Rock)
2004: 43.5 Million Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (Billy Crystal)
2003: 33.0 million, Chicago (Steve Martin)
2002 41.8 million, A beautiful spirit (Whoopi Goldberg)
2001 42.9 million, Gladiator (Steve Martin)

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