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2020 Dems Back Amazon Prime Day Strike for 'Living Wage'

On Monday, Amazon launched its "Prime Day" promotional event, granting special deals to Prime members. In 2017, Prime Day ranks in more than Black Friday. Amazon workers in Minnesota capitalize on the media opportunity to launch a strike for better wages. Candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential appointment also on the opportunity to attack the big bad corporations and support workers.

"I fully support Amazon workers' prime day strike. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Tweeted.

Warren then capitalized on the issue further, tying it to his plan to "break up" Big Tech.

"Giant corporations like Amazon has too much power-in fact, nearly half of all e-commerce goes through Amazon." , "she added.

"I stand in solidarity with the courageous Amazon employees engaging in a work stoppage against a working condition in their warehouses.It is not too much to ask that a company owned by the wealthiest person in the world treat its workers with dignity and respect," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Tweeted.

Julián Castro, a former Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Development under President Barack Obama, suggests that Amazon's high market value makes it less likely that 647,500 employees are unacceptable.

"A company worth $ 1 trillion can absolutely afford to provide reasonable conditions for its employees. [Prime Day], and will continue fighting for an economy that works for all Americans, "Castro tweeted.

Tom Steyer, a billionaire hedge fund who made his money investing in coal, but then turned to an environmental activist, also said the strikers, saying that every person has a "right" to a "living wage."

"I stand with the Amazon workers around the world who are on strike this Prime Day." "Everybody has the right to a living wage, and Amazon can certainly afford to pay up while keeping its workers safe," Steyer tweeted.

Amazon has responded to the strikers' complaints.

"The fact is Amazon is already asking for this," the company told Bloomberg. Amazon offers competitive rates ranging from $ 16.25 to $ 20.80, with benefits, "and we invite anyone to see us in the world" in Shakopee, Minn.

These workers decided to work at Amazon, and while Amazon has a great deal of money, it has to keep costs down. A raise may be warranted, but the company already has a competitive position. The Democrats seem to think that Amazon can just give to its workers. That's now business work. The company will be able to provide services to its customers in a cost-effective way.

Will these Democrats take a trip to Minnesota just like they traveled to the detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border? When will they start comparing Amazon factories to concentration camps?

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