2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 teased for debut at Detroit [UPDATE]


Update: Ford Performance also dropped a teaser on Facebook, giving us a fascinating glimpse of the GT500's supercharged V8. Ford says it will have the highest rated power of all Blue Oval series cars in history.

The ultimate version of Blue Oval's beloved pony car is a parade in Los Angeles this week, but we now know for sure that success is with the announcement of the first Ford. A classic Shelby GT500 from 1967, very pretty in a California show container, is accompanied by some cards forming the legendary Shelby Mustang line. The only piece of the puzzle that is missing is the Shelby GT500 2020MY, which we will see on January 14, as evidenced by the large panel that accompanies the logo "GT500".

We contacted Ford and the company confirmed that it would be previewing the car in January 2019 at the Detroit Auto Show. We are expecting more teasers in the coming weeks to get excited about these long-awaited debuts.

The laboriously lengthy road to reveal includes up to now a ton of spy shots, teasers and rumors – some of which turned out to be false alarms. The beefiest Mustang of all was originally scheduled to deliver more than 700 horsepower, but the Ford card was exposed to L.A. says the supercharged V8 will have "more than 650 horsepower". The engine will probably work with a seven-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission that sends all that power to the rear axle. Purists will be sad to learn that a manual gearbox is not forthcoming, according to the latest unconfirmed information.

As January 14 coincides with the first press day of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2019 in Detroit, Ford may be kind enough to present the Shelby GT500 online earlier. Fingers crossed because anticipation kills us and the wait has been extremely long.

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