2020 NFL Week 12 Pick

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At least I’m consistent.

For week 12 I went 6-8 straight for the second week in a row. I also went 6-8 ATS.

MDS, on the other hand, was 8-6 in direct games, but 6-8 ATS.

MDS is now 100-63, and I am 97-66. Against the spread I’m 73-83-4. MDS is 64-94-2.

Texans (-3) among Lions

Taking MDS: The Texans may have just had their best performance of the season against the Patriots, and the Lions may have just come from their worst against the Panthers. Houston will show he continues to play hard for Romeo Crennel.

The choice of MDS: Texans 27, Lions 17.

The capture of Florio: If the former Houston Roughnecks quarterback can overpower the Lions, the current Houston Texans quarterback should be able to, too.

Florio’s choice: Texans 24, Lions 17.

Washington (+3) at Cowboys

Taking MDS: Sounds ridiculous for two 3-7 teams, but it’s a big deal in the NFC East race. I think the Cowboys are going to make a statement.

The choice of MDS: Cowboys 28, Washington 14.

The capture of Florio: Strength coach Markus Paul’s medical emergency wiped out Tuesday’s training and left players and coaches reeling. Playing Thursday could be a welcome respite and a way to pay homage to Paul.

Florio’s choice: Cowboys 27, Washington 20.

Crows (+5.5) at Steelers

Taking MDS: The Ravens would love nothing more than to be the team that gives the Steelers their first loss of the season, but I just don’t see the greatness of Baltimore this year. The Ravens are going to lose and have a hard time arguing in the playoffs.

The choice of MDS: Steelers 28, Ravens 20.

The capture of Florio: The Ravens are on the ropes. It’s time for the Steelers to break through them.

Florio’s choice: Steelers 23, Ravens 20.

Raiders (-3) at Falcons

Taking MDS: The Raiders suffered a tough loss on Sunday night, but I love the way this team is playing. They shouldn’t have much trouble against a Falcons team that is getting nowhere.

The choice of MDS: Raiders 31, Falcons 17.

The capture of Florio: Jon Gruden faces the guy who replaced Jon Gruden in Tampa. Jon Gruden currently has the best team overall.

Florio’s choice: Raiders 28, Falcons 20.

Chargers (+5.5) to invoices

Taking MDS: I love Chargers rookie quarterback Justin Herbert, but the rest of the Chargers roster has a lot of holes, and I love that the Bills win big.

The choice of MDS: Bills 30, chargers 20.

The capture of Florio: The Bills surely would have preferred to get back on horseback after the Hail Murray, but with two weeks to prepare for LA, the Bills should be ready to race for the franchise’s Premier League title in 25 years.

Florio’s choice: Bills 31, chargers 21.

Giants (-5.5) at the Bengals

Taking MDS: Without Joe Burrow, there isn’t much to watch the Bengals this year. The Giants are playing hard and could well be the favorites to win the NFC East.

The choice of MDS: Giants 27, Bengals 14.

The capture of Florio: Without Joe Burrow, the Bengals cabinet is bare.

Florio’s choice: Giants 20, Bengals 9.

Titans (+3.5) at the Colts

Taking MDS: This match can be decisive in the AFC South race. I like the Colts defense to stop the Titan attack and win a low scoring game.

The choice of MDS: Colts 14, Titans 10.

The capture of Florio: The Titans know the stakes. If they can avoid the special teams’ mistakes, they should be able to tie the series this season.

Florio’s choice: Titans 24, Colts 20.

Panthers (+4) at Vikings

Taking MDS: The Panthers ‘defense comes from a Lions shutout, but the Vikings’ offense should score plenty of points on Sunday.

The choice of MDS: Vikings 30, Panthers 13.

The capture of Florio: The Minnesota window is closing. It will not close at this time.

Florio’s choice: Vikings 28, Panthers 23.

Cardinals (-2.5) at Patriots

Taking MDS: I have a hard time seeing this Patriots Defense slowing down Kyler Murray & Co. The Cardinals should be sailing this one.

The choice of MDS: Cardinals 31, Patriots 21.

The capture of Florio: If the Patriots couldn’t stop Deshaun Watson, they won’t be able to stop Kyler Murray.

Florio’s choice: Cardinals 24, Patriots 17.

Dolphins (-7) at Jets

Taking MDS: The Jets continue their march towards 0-16, and the Dolphins are looking to keep their playoff hopes alive. Tua Tagovailoa will not be benched this time around.

The choice of MDS: Dolphins 24, Jets 14.

The capture of Florio: Miami has the best chance of getting things back on track.

Florio’s choice: Dolphins 27, Jets 13.

Browns (-7) at Jaguars

Taking MDS: The Browns have a very good chance of making the playoffs, in part because of their easy schedule. It should be another easy win.

The choice of MDS: Chestnuts 30, Jaguars 10.

The capture of Florio: Cleveland takes a break from bad weather. The Jaguars are no exception to bad football.

Florio’s choice: Browns 24, Jaguars 13.

Saints (-6) at Broncos

Taking MDS: The Saints will go 2-0 with Taysom Hill at quarterback, and 7-0 in games Drew Brees has missed in the past two years.

The choice of MDS: Saints 24, Broncos 20.

The capture of Florio: Vic Fangio found a way to confuse Tua. Can Fangio start over with Taysom? Not with Sean Payton preparing the pieces.

Florio’s choice: Saints 30, Broncos 13.

49ers (+7) at Rams

Taking MDS: The 49ers will play hard in this one, but they just don’t have the firepower to keep up with the Rams.

The choice of MDS: Aries 24, 49ers 21.

The capture of Florio: The Rams have a chance to return the favor against the 49ers, as the Rams gear up for a run for the No.1 seed.

Florio’s choice: Aries 27, 49ers 17.

Chiefs (-3.5) at Buccaneers

Taking MDS: Sunday’s best game will give Patrick Mahomes a great opportunity to show he has reclaimed the title of best quarterback from Tom Brady in the NFL.

The choice of MDS: Chefs 30, Boucaniers 21.

The capture of Florio: The Bucs don’t have a problem during prime time; they have a major problem. And this is another.

Florio’s choice: Chefs 31, Boucaniers 24.

Bear (+8.5) at Packers

Taking MDS: This game is probably the last chance for the Bears to make a place for themselves as playoff contenders, and I don’t think they have it in them.

The choice of MDS: Packers 27, bear 20.

The capture of Florio: Nick Foles or Mitch Trubisky, whatever. The Packers are back on track, at least for now.

Florio’s choice: Packers 24, bear 13.

Seahawks (-6) at Eagles

Taking MDS: The Seahawks’ pass defense is weak, but Carson Wentz is weaker. Seattle shouldn’t have a hard time winning in Philadelphia.

The choice of MDS: Seahawks 34, Eagles 21.

The capture of Florio: It was a playoff game last year. It won’t be this year.

Florio’s choice: Seahawks 30, Eagles 17.

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