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21 new deaths due to influenza reported in NC :: WRAL.com

According to the latest flu death figures released by the BC Public Health Division, 21 people died of the flu last week.

Between February 17th and 23rd, 21 new deaths from influenza were reported in North Carolina. This brings the total deaths for the season to 98.

The influenza season starts at the end of September and peaks in February and March. The flu season officially ends on May 18th.

During the 2017-2018 influenza season, nearly 400 deaths in North Carolina have been attributed to influenza, the highest number of deaths in an influenza season since the beginning of the public declaration by the national authorities of deaths due to the flu in 2009.

More than a year ago, on February 3, 2018, the total number of flu-related deaths in the state was already 140. Even though this year's numbers are not as high, they are still worrying and health officials continue to stress that this is not too serious. late to be vaccinated against the flu.

Of the 2018 influenza season deaths, 290 were aged 65 and older, and seven of them were under 18, state officials said.

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