21 Savage faces a crime charge in South Georgia

It was a busy day for 21 Savage Friday rapper Atlanta, who began with a pre-recorded appearance on Good Morning America, then was transferred to a South Georgia jail on a robbery warrant warrant. He was later released, according to the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.

The legal problem of Friday is related to a concert booking from 2016 for which a promoter paid the musician, whose real name is She'yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, $ 17,000, reported TMZ. 21 Savage kept the money but did not pay, so the promoter filed documents for an arrest warrant, according to the TMZ report.

"The warrant was signed a few years ago, and it followed the process and addressed the issue," Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes told Hinesville's Coastal Courier.

A call to Sikes from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has not been returned.

Savage's lawyers call the case a "civil contract dispute".

"This is really a civil contract conflict. We are optimistic that the problem will be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties and returned, "said Abbi Taylor, one of the musician's lawyers.

More: Atlanta rapper 21 Savage: immigration enforcement system is "broken"

In an interview filmed earlier this week and aired Friday morning on Good Morning America, the rapper spoke out against the country's immigration authorities, calling it "broken" and adding he feared deportation . The Grammy-nominated musician was released from the Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla on Wednesday after a federal immigration judge in Atlanta approved his release on a $ 100,000 bail. US immigration and customs authorities arrested him on February 3, claiming he was a UK citizen who had exceeded his visa.

"I do not think politics is broken. I have the impression that the way they apply the policy is broken, "he said in his first interview since his release, adding," I have been here for 20 years – 19 years. That's all I know, do you know what I'm saying? I do not think you should be arrested and placed in a place where a murderer would be just to stay too long in the country. "

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