23-year-old admitted to a children's hospital weighing just 30 pounds

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KFOR / CNN) – A 23-year-old man with a rare disease struggles for his life after being admitted to the University of Oklahoma Children's Hospital weighing only 30 pounds.

An investigation was opened on the guards of a 23-year-old disabled man who presented to the hospital and weighed 30 pounds. (Source: KFOR / CNN)

Now the police are investigating his guards. Juanita Wooten, the man's grandmother, admitted that the breaking point was when her grandson became lame.

According to the police, he would fight against "severe malnutrition and flu-like symptoms".

Wooten said that she was watching him daily while his mother was at work.

In terms of height, she said that her grandson is only measuring against his shoulder.

His rare neurological disease affects the facial muscles, so he is unable to take care of himself and feed himself.

Police said doctors feared his body was bad enough. His mother told police that her son "did not follow any particular diet and did not visit a doctor for years."

Laboratory tests reveal that the patient "had extremely high sodium levels, indicating that he did not have enough water" and that he "had sores on his body, which is compatible with a lack of mobility "

"I did not abuse or mistreat him," said Wooten, denying the charges against her.

When asked if there was malnutrition or a lack of care, Wooten replied, "No, not from us, but they act as they are."

She specified that she was referring to the state's Department of Social Services.

The police took more than 150 photos searching the house, both inside and out.

It is unclear when the 23-year-old will come out of the hospital.

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