25 things that only true fans know about the making of Red Dead Redemption 2

For those who do not know their manufacture, the development of video games is a seemingly magical process. How do all these programs and systems come together to create a consistent experience? Small independent projects require thousands of hard hours to put together, so that one can hardly understand the power of the man invested with a AAA title. Take for example Red Dead Redemption 2, which finally reached the shelves in October 2018 after years of anticipation. Getting this unprecedented ambition title was a big undertaking, and the fact that they went well should be welcomed, even by those who may not like the game.

This list does not pretend to know how video games are made, but we found twenty-five interesting facts about RDR2 production. It's always good to know what has happened behind the scenes of the best video games and, considering the number of moving parts that have come together to create this Wild West opus, we can bet that their latest profits are many. Hopefully these stories will deepen our understanding of the tremendous amount of work needed to create the most impressive games of 2018.

So pack your six shooters, because here 25 things that only true fans know about the making of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Roger Clark At the awards ceremony

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25 The actor who plays Arthur Is Irish

Roger Clark At the awards ceremony

While people were divided in the middle as to what title deserved the game of the year, God of the war or Red Dead Redemption 2, most agreed that Roger Clark deserved to be recognized as offering the best performance as Arthur Morgan. When he accepted his actor award at the Game Awards, some may have been surprised to hear a strong Irish accent.

Roger Clark was born in the United States, but grew up in Ireland. This only makes his performance more incredible, because most people can not keep a false accent for five minutes, not to mention countless lines of dialogue.

24 The famous actor

Graham Greene

Rockstar games used to feature celebrities in their titles, but they feared the practice that began with GTA IV. This helps to immerse players further into the world. The only exception to which they went was Graham Greene, who plays Rains Fall in the 2018 western. The Native American Actor has had a long and illustrious career, with an Oscar nomination for his supporting role in Dance with the wolves. His name and face are recognizable, but his impressive performance brings much more to the role than his pedigree.

23 Teasers at the announcement makes waves

Red Dead Redemption Teaser

It is common for high-level gaming ads to make waves in a company's business, but Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39; s revealing took things to a whole new level. Before the game was officially announced as the second part of the beloved series, Rockstar's social networking profiles teased him with some Western-themed images. This simple move resulted in a noticeable increase in the value of Take-Two's shares. It's a good thing that the teasers led to a real announcement, otherwise there would have been a real confusion and many investors disappointed.

22 Lazlow Jones is a writer for that

Lazlow Jones

Grand Theft Auto fans will immediately recognize the name of Lazlow Jones. The wreck of the train has been part of the series since GTA III, playing an important role in the fifth numbered entry. However, not everyone knows that he is a real person. Fortunately, the real Lazlow is not a mess like its virtual caricature. In fact, he is a writer who has been working with Rockstar games for over a decade and has helped to create Red Dead Redemption 2. He also wrote the dialogue for 2012 Max pays 3.

21 Rob Wiethoff is interim in 2013

Rob Wiethoff ventured to Hollywood after receiving empty promises of high-profile film roles. After wading in the dark for many years, he wins the role of John Marston in Red Dead Redemption. Shortly after, he started a family and left the industry completely by 2013. Fortunately for Red Dead Redemption fans, the opportunity to play Marston has brought him back into the theater world. The prequel is a better game for him too, since another Marston actor would have made sure that he feels like a completely different character.

20 Rockstar Games is in Manhattan

When people think of the video game industry, they usually imagine Los Angeles or other sunny places. Really, famous studios are scattered all over the world, with Id Software in Texas, BioWare in Canada and Bethesda in Maryland. Nobody expects to be in the middle of the Big Apple, but that's exactly where Rockstar Games is. To be fair, there were a lot of studios involved in RDR2, but the publisher and the headquarters of the company are all based in Manhattan, where Sam and Dan Houser work.

19 The game had no E3 presence

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horse Ardennes

With a game as anticipated as this one, it would be easy to bring it to the biggest annual video game conference and show it, receiving the adoration of many fans and reporters. Rockstar does not make the industry like most businesses, however, and never attends the show. The company sees it as a waste of time and, honestly, it is not necessary. They are sufficiently known not to need the help of such events to publicize their upcoming titles.

18 It took seven years to play to make

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan Cheats

It's no secret that creating any game takes time. The more complex the support, the longer the development time. This large-scale project in particular took about seven years from start to finish. Consider for a second how long it is seven years and think about the people who have been involved since the beginning and who have followed everything. Individuals undergo immense changes during this period. It is therefore commendable to stay focused and dedicated to one project for so long.

17 The main story script is about two thousand pages long

Red Dead Redemption 2

Each cutscene, play and line of dialogue must be written before being animated or played. For the main campaign alone, this represented more than two thousand pages of writing. To put this in perspective, Leo Tolstoy War and peace is usually around twelve hundred pages, depending on the edition chosen. Allowed, Red Dead Redemption has been set up with a team of writers, rather than a single author, but this does not diminish the amount of content just in the main story.

16 Motion Capture was around 2,000 work days

Almost all the animations of RDR2 was made with motion capture technology. This method, which simulates the movement of real life by capturing actors' performances, has been used in the medium for about twenty-five years, but rarely at this point. In total, the developers say they spent about two thousand days in the motion capture studio. It goes for cinematics, animations and even some animals. In a title that aspires to realism, this method contributes greatly to the feeling of being sucked in time to the real Wild West.

15 Arthur Morgan originally had two interests in love

What makes it a story of a game rarely goes back to the first draft. Sometimes the changes are deeper in the production than we think. For example, Arthur would initially have an additional love interest. Everyone knows Mary Linton, but nobody knows who was the other. It may be a character who is still in the game, or a single character who has been completely cut off. There is also Eliza, a young waitress whom he impregnated, but she died before the trials of the game, so it is doubtful that she is that one.

14 Influence of GTA V

Grand Theft Auto 5 Heroes

The game, like many Rockstar titles, carries his inspirations on his sleeves. They also draw on lessons learned from previous titles. In GTA V, the three protagonists were always in the middle of an activity when the player jumped in their place. This idea had an impact on the description of the Van Der Linde camp. The developers wanted the player to understand that the camp is permanently inhabited, even when he is away. That makes every gang member feel alive and no longer like a brainless NPC.

13 Jack Marston was played by a woman

Jack Marston RDR2

Looking at the list of actors for the game on IMDB, we can have a little surprise by learning the name of Jack Marston. The performer who represents John's son is Marissa Margaux. While this may seem unexpected to many, others may have already deduced why this is the case. The hiring of child actors is often a problem because of the strict rules that one must follow with minor performers. By hiring a woman, they can usually imitate the voice of a child and work longer. Of course, teen Jack is played by a young adult man.

12 Only four actors have returned from Red Dead Redemption

With a prequel, it can be difficult to gather all the talents that made the first one so special. With RDR2, they managed to bring back four actors for their iconic roles and, fortunately, they were among the most important. Rob Wiethoff, Benjamin Byron Davis, Steve J. Palmer and Jim Bentley all came back to describe their respective roles: John Marston, Dutch Van Der Linde, Bill Williamson and Edgar Ross. It would have been nice if more people came back, but the distribution they had all did a wonderful job.

11 The game of more than a thousand actors

With only speaking roles, the cast is composed of several hundred performers. However, given the nature of motion capture, the project required hundreds of non-talking parts. In total, production has used the talent of more than a thousand actors. Since the studio was in New York, the company has distinguished itself by the quality of its work. The next time we find ourselves in the Big Apple, there is a good chance that they will meet someone who has played an acting role in the game.

ten Each trailer had about seventy drafts

Even with its huge size, every aspect of the game has been treated with extreme care. This also extends to marketing. For example, every trailer, from announcement to launch, has been carefully designed to reveal what's right at the right time. All in all, every peek has been presented to about seventy versions and editions before being unveiled to the public. Our hats go to anyone who has had to sift the mountains for hundreds of hours, just to make a one – minute trailer.

9 Woody Jackson

Woody Jackson

Music is important for all video games and was essential to bring this western to life. For the task of marking RDR2, Rockstar hired Woody Jackson. Jackson began his career as a professional musician in the early '90s, assuming various roles including touring musician, session player, and managing his own recording studio. It was also far from his first job with the company, having made music for Red Dead Redemption in 2010. He also contributed music to Grand Theft Auto V, the first game in the series to have an original score.

8 D & # 39; Angelo

In addition to an instrumental score, the game has also brought other artists to write and record songs for key moments in the story. Willie Nelson, Josh Homme and D'Angelo are part of the talent. The inclusion of D & # 39; Angelo, who led him to sing the song "Unshaken", is particularly surprising considering the rarity with which the famous singer has released music. The previous version of the revered artist was a 2014 album, released after more than a decade of interruption. Hopefully this will portend more new material from the talented performer in the near future.

7 There are about 500,000 lines of dialogue

Red Dead Redemption 2 Epilogue Tilly Jackson

The game requires almost a hundred gigabytes to download. This may seem irrationally huge, but the game reveals that there is not a single megabyte wasted. It's impossible for them to compress all these environments, animations, textures and dialogues into something smaller. As for the speech alone, about 500,000 lines of dialogue were recorded for the project. Even if we made each of these lines a single word, it would still be longer than most epic novels. By way of comparison, the revolutionary novel by Thomas Pynchon, Gravity & # 39; s Rainbowit's about 324,000 words.

6 Rockstar has cats wandering in the offices

Isis the cat in Star Trek

When Harold Goldberg visited the Rockstar offices before RDR2 released, he passively mentioned several cats roaming around the square, nicknamed the "official mice". The author quickly touched on game-related topics, but many readers would probably have liked a complete profile of each of these cats. Felines are much more interesting than any version to come. The people of New York City are well aware of their importance in controlling rodent populations and look forward to seeing their neighborhood bodega cat every time they stop for a sandwich.

5 How much content has been cut

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gertrude Braithwaite Outhouse

Each game has missions cut into the final product and the details of these adventures are seen very rarely. Most of the time, they are cut for the improvement of the overall experience. Even if the room is functioning properly, its inclusion may have disrupted the pace or felt inappropriate. The content of this game was about five hours of play and included completed missions. This decision must be difficult to make, but all members of the team must know that it is for the best.

4 More than 3,000 people worked in total

YouTube removes and redefines Red Dead Redemption 2 clips

Sam and Dan Houser were the two most listened names in this series, but these brothers and sisters did not do all the game by themselves. If they had done it, it would have taken more than a hundred years to complete it. In the end, more than three thousand people from ten different teams worked as a well-oiled machine to bring this world to life. These companies were spread all over the world, including a studio in India. Without the efforts of the team, the game would never have seen the light of day.

3 Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph in Forever Amazon

Nowadays, it is more common for celebrities to admit their love for games. D'Angelo was a fan of the series and it was his first step to contribute music. Comedian Fred Armisen has already admitted his love for the first entry of the series. There may be a bias in there because he lends his voice, but the artist assures readers that his admiration for the title is genuine. For the prequel, Armisen took over Albridge T. Albington, MC at Theater Raleur in Saint Denis.

2 A website entered hot water for possible leaks

It is best not to divulge any information on an upcoming Rockstar game if the publisher does not wish it. TrustedReviews learned this lesson after disclosing a document describing a possible Battle Royale mode. Red Dead Online, which could indicate the added mode Gun Rush recently added. As a result of this article, Take-Two sued the site, eventually agreeing to donate $ 1 million to three separate charities. Each cloud has a positive side, so it is good that some charities have received funds as a result of the incident.

1 The first trailer

A game like RDR2 could have just hit a title up there and call it a day to reveal it, but they still tried to make a full trailer. The teasing consists of several panoramas followed by a line of dialogue. The words came in an unrecognizable voice, which everyone now knows is Arthur Morgan. Curiously, the line comes from the bottom of the game, somewhere near the end of chapter six. The line has no spoilers, and just gives enough clues to the themes that the game will deal with.

What do you think of the incredible amount of work poured into this game? Let us know in the comments!

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