33 Funny Easter Memes and Easter Quotes to Share with Your Family and Friends


Who does not like Easter? Who does not like the same?

Easter Sunday, for the most part, is supposed to be filled with joy, sweets and rabbits. While the folk festival is based on the Christian tradition of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it has become more secular in the United States, where families often start their day celebrating with hidden Easter eggs, rabbits, carrots and a lot (and a lot!) of food.

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Easter, like most holidays, is a way to communicate with the family. A way to talk to your grandparents, cousins ​​and aunts who you may only be talking to about three times a year about food and religious services.

Those living in populated places or big cities like Chicago, New York or Los Angles then have the opportunity to bring their children to the many events organized by the community for the Easter egg hunt. Or, for a more relaxed way to celebrate the holidays (and do not waste a minute waiting for a seat), many people meet in restaurants for brunch at the idea of ​​Easter.

Without anything, the only thing that I love even more than being with my family at Easter? Funny Easter memes to share with my family and friends. Easter memories and quotes never get old, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Take a roll to see our selection of the best memes and quotes on Easter to share on Easter Sunday.

1. The whole city comes on Easter Sunday.

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