& # 39; & # 39 Peril!; Champion James Holzhauer is back on Monday


After a two week break because of the "Jeopardy!" The Tournament of Teachers, the defending champion who breaks all records, picks up where he left off on May 3 in hopes of continuing his momentum. (In reality, Holzhauer has finished recording the series until next autumn, but we, viewers at home, have to log in to find out where he went.)

Here is a reminder of all the dough that he has accumulated so far and what the game show must do to break the all time record.

The 34-year-old Las Vegas professional sports player has won 22 games so far for a total of $ 1,691,008. He has the second-longest winning streak in the history of the series and the second-biggest win in the regular season, behind Ken Jennings, who won a total of $ 2,520,700 in 74 games in 2004.
He also holds each of the top 10 slot machines for the highest winnings in a match, not to mention that he helped "Jeopardy!" accumulate some records of his own.

To defeat Ken Jennings, Holzhauer must win $ 829,693 and another 53 consecutive games. Judging by his average earnings per game, it may not be very long before he succeeds.

How is he doing

Disk aside, Holzhauer records impressive numbers. Here are some remarkable statistics, according to the "Jeopardy!" website:
  • $ 131,127: More than he won in one game
  • $ 76,864: Average winnings per game
  • $ 9,128: His average daily double bet
  • 97%: the rate of accuracy of his answers
  • 95%: Final Jeopardy accuracy rate
  • 93%: Its double daily accuracy rate
  • 20 of his games out of 22 were runaways

His secret

Holzhauer's hit series captivated viewers, but his epic series is no coincidence.

He employs an aggressive strategy, favoring higher value indices rather than starting low and climbing the ladder in a given category. He also throws his opponents.

In particular, Holzhauer is given a mission to search daily doubles, which allows him to count quickly. He has already touched 53 of the 66 daily doubles available so far, and he has correctly answered 49 of them, according to the "Jeopardy!" website. And his average daily double bet is $ 9,128.

Why do not I feel this historical danger? & # 39; run

It is also useful for Holzhauer to have a professional sports betting experience – it means that he has a higher risk tolerance.

"I'm used to playing," he told Vulture. "For me, these are just points on the dashboard, not real dollars."

Finally, he mastered the elusive "Jeopardy!" buzzer.

As soon as Alex Trebek has finished reading a clue, a staff member taps off the stage on a button that lights the lights on both sides of the board to indicate to the candidates that they can call themselves. If a competitor presses the ringer too early, the system blocks them for a quarter of a second – which is usually enough time for someone else to pass through.

By buzzing at the right time, he is able to beat other competitors and continue to accumulate victories.

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