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& # 39; Avengers: Endgame & # 39; could be a perfect storm for a bathroom break application

"It's a movie as big as what we did for Runpee," CNN's Dan Gardner, founder of the app, told CNN that the app counted just over 100 000 registered users.

Notably, it was another three-hour film, Peter Jackson's "King Kong" remake in 2005, which gave the idea to the Gardner site. As he says, he had to go but did not want to leave the theater, for fear of missing a key scene.

In a few years, this seed has become a website / app that provides guidance on when to leave without omitting anything that is fundamental to the plot or story. This is of course a somewhat subjective measure, which is why the site also solicits customer feedback from the film.

If that sounds simple enough, it's actually a bit more complicated, since Runpee usually offers more than one tail for each movie and strives to formulate them so that they do not contain spoilers. The app also provides information, if any sort, on what they've missed, getting close to the role that a friend (who has the bad habit of talking during a movie) play.

On average, periods of pee usually look for a window of 3-4 minutes. Gardner quoted "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" as an example of a movie with an excellent scene to take a break, noting that good movies often have "very good pee moments", while bad movies are not often .

"In most action movies, there is the costume scene," Gardner said. "It's usually like the last time I pee in the movie."

The site was challenged by Marvel Studios' president, Kevin Feige, who, defending the length of "Endgame," said that there would be no time to pee during the film.

"It's still time to pee," replied Runpee in an open letter to Feige. "We offered about 169 films last year, including three" Once for "Avengers: Infinity War". Without wanting to offend you."

"Infinity War" lasted about two and a half hours. With a 181-minute blockbuster that should break box-office records, in terms of Runpee, "Endgame" could be the perfect storm.

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