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Warning: This message contains spoilers That's us"Final autumn. Proceed with caution.

From the beginning of this season, That's us"The showrunners say the series planned to reveal Nicky, Jack's brother, had not really died during the Vietnam War.

And now that the autumn finale of Tuesday has allowed viewers to discover the secret, the question is to know Jack to know – if he knew at all – that his little brother was not dead when he thought he had done it?

"It is quite possible for Jack to know more than he left to the family for all these years," co-host Isaac Aptaker told TVLine. "We'll see this mystery with Kevin as he tries to find out what happened to his uncle, what his father knew about it and where [Nicky] could be in 2018. "

Aptaker and co-host, Elizabeth Berger, asked more questions about our fall finale, especially if "she" and "she" in flash-forward refer to the same person (what?) We like to be deepened ) and what meaning a party game might have in the future of Pearsons. Read on for their answers.

That's us Nicky Alive Season 3 Episode 9TVLine | Is the mid-season finale the last of the scenes prepared in Vietnam or will there be more?
APTAKER | There is more after the holidays. We are going to tell the story of our cliffhanger's completion to Jack who jumped into the water when he heard this explosion and learn about what happened there.

TVLine | Will we see what happened to Nicky after everyone thought he was dead?
SHEPHERD | Yes, we will see him more than once in the postwar period and we will definitely meet him today.

TVLine | Is Kevin's discovery something that Kevin will share immediately with his family? Or could he keep it until he gets more concrete information?
SHEPHERD | It's a good question and it's a problem that Kevin will certainly face. Obviously, the Pearsons are a very united group and can be dramatic. I think he knows that once he lets them go, it could have repercussions and it's obvious that everyone will bring his point of view and his opinions. But at the same time, they are an incredibly close family. It is difficult to imagine not letting them in at that moment.

TVLine | Let's talk about this flash-forward. Beth mentions that they are going to see Randall's mother. We are talking about Rebecca there, right? Can you tell us more?
APTAKER | Yes. It's so funny, it's a total accident on our part. We thought, "Let's leave a very clear answer. We want people to know what it is. And everyone is wondering if that's what she meant. We never even thought she could talk about Randall's biological mother because she was [dead] for so long … But yes, we can confirm: you heard it here first, she talks about Rebecca.

TVLine | I do not take anything for granted with this show.
APTAKER |[[[[Laughs]It's smart.

TVLine | So, the "she" to which Toby refers in the flash-forward is also Rebecca?
APTAKER | Yes. The "she" and the "she" is Rebecca.

TVLine | Does the installation in which we see Beth work?
APTAKER | Yes, it's his place of work.

TVLine | What can you tell me about the way things are going on between her and Randall in the future?
SHEPHERD | It's a place where people will have to stay for the journey of what's going on between them. Obviously, we leave them in our present time in a very tense moment. But [a lot of time passes] before arriving at this time in the future. We do not yet say what they have become. But we are going to reveal everything as we move forward this season and the next seasons.

TVLine | The tail pin on the ass-like appearance made me throw in all the That's us I know it was something that was played at The Big 3 birthday parties.
APTAKER | Very well!

TVLine | Is there any significance for this game beyond what is happening in this scene?
APTAKER | There is certainly a meaning to this game. We have not yet fully explored or revealed the meaning of this show. But yes, it's something in their childhood that we've already seen playing at the birthday party. So, this is not a new game out of nowhere for the family. It's something that is part of the fabric of their childhood.

TVLine | How long will we have to wait before receiving another update on the flash-forward? Will we have another one this season? Can there be more than one?
APTAKER | Yes, we will be back in the future this season. It's something we have from the beginning with Dan [Fogelman, series creator]. And what we spend hours debating with our editors is when it's time to distribute another piece of the future timeline and give some more answers. We will definitely be back this season – not a ton.

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