& # 39; David Puddy & # 39; drops the puck to the Devils game, plants in the face as he leaves the ice

"Seinfeld" is no longer in the air for more than two decades, but one of his most infamous characters continues to support the team. Patrick Warburton – the actor who played David Puddy on the sitcom – was the guest of honor of the Devils game Tuesday night in New Jersey and, yes, he painted his face for the # 39; occasion.

Puddy was not only asked to drop the first ceremonial puck in the center of the ice before the Devils played the Pittsburgh Penguins, but he also had his own ball-headed head. The first 9000 fans to enter the Prudential Center on Tuesday received this great memory:

Prior to the pre-match ceremony, Puddy welcomed Devils players to the tunnel with first class enthusiasm.

But it was not until he arrived on the ice that it really became a Puddy show. Not only did he drop the puck, he also tore his shirt to reveal a "D" on his chest. (Unfortunately, apparently, the guys at E-V-I-L-S did not succeed.)

Things were going smoothly; Puddy had the opportunity to drink at the fountain of relevance and effectively fanned the audience to prepare him for the match. It was an impeccable performance.

However, his exit from the scene was not flawless.

We will have to assume that it did not work but, to the credit of Warburton, he did very well and bowed for good measure.

This is not the first time Puddy has reappeared at Devil games in the post-Seinfeld era. In fact, it's just last April that he was on hand to help draw the crowd to the Devils playoff series against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Through syndication, "Seinfeld" remained a force of pop culture well after its last episode in 1998 and many characters in the series continue to embrace and expand their role in the series. Since Puddy is still one of the NHL's strongest references to pop culture, it seems the Devils do not want to let him go.

And why should they? In one way, it is always funny after all these years.

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