& # 39; Devil May Cry 5 & # 39; is the second biggest launch ever by Capcom on PC


Capcom has apparently regained gold, at least with PC gamers. At the time of writing these lines, Devil can cry 5 (what we liked) has a record number of simultaneous players of 88,894, which is more than the other success of Capcom recently released, the Resident Evil 2 remake, which sits at 74.227. It's also more than Resident Evil VII"20 449.

This actually makes DMC5 The second biggest PC launch of Capcom? The biggest? Who belongs to Monster Hunter World, which has more than 300 000 simultaneous players. So, of course, Dante and his company are not even close to Monster Hunterbut in the end, nearly 89,000 players in the first week have nothing to say.

And although Capcom does not have post-publication plans for Devil can cry 5, sales charts may change once console numbers are entered.

Devil can cry 5 is also available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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