& # 39; Earthers & # 39; plans a strange trip to Antarctica to prove the shape of the planet

The Earth Earthers are planning a strange trip to Antarctica to prove that the Earth is not a spherical planet.

The expedition, which should take place next year, is organized by the Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC). The information available on this subject is limited. New York Post reported. Logan Paul, a famous YouTube star who recently launched a trailer on the famous conspiracy theory, would also be interested in this trip.

Here's what we know about the trip to the flat Earth: In 2020, the "Earth-lands" aim to go to Antarctica to locate the wall of ice that they say marks the edge of our planet. It is said that this "frozen barrier" is 164 feet high, a few thousand feet thick and surrounds the Earth.

"If you take a globe and crush it, Antarctica would circle the Earth. It's a bit like an ice shore and it's very, very big. It's not like you're going there and you can take a look at it, "said Robbie Davidson, founder of FEIC, in Forbes. "We do not believe anything can fall from the edge, because much of the flatland community believes we are in a dome, like a snow globe."

Despite this Flat Earth perspective, many navigation experts have indicated that the "Flat Earther" cruise ship will use navigation devices based on the spherical shape of the planet. GPS systems use many satellites in orbit around the planet and locate their respective sites to help sailors get to their destination. Henk Keijer, a veteran cruise ship captain, said The Guardian that, "I have not met a marine captain who believes that the Earth is flat."

The FEIC did not comment on the Flat Earth cruise nor how it will organize its next Antarctic expedition.

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