& # 39; Lazy Keto & # 39; is the low carb diet that everyone can follow



Our love-hate relationship with the The ketogenic diet continues with this news: you do not have to be an incalculable fool, calculating, counting, and counting, you to make this extremely popular, low-carb diet.

"Lazy keto" is an option, and honestly, it does not sound too bad.

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Healthline breaks it down in detail here, but we will highlight some of the main points.

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The lazy keto reduces carbs, but here is the "lazy" part: this plan does not contain any rules regarding the consumption of fat, protein or, in this case, calories in general.

Think of it as having at least the same potential as traditional keto to help you lose weight, reduce hunger, keep your blood sugar under control – you could even reduce your risk of coronary heart disease.


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