& # 39; # Metoo & # 39; spray painted on an iconic statue of a sailor from World War II who kisses a nurse

The statue is modeled after An iconic photo taken in Times Square in 1945, showing a woman dressed in a white uniform kissed and kissed by a sailor to celebrate the end of World War II.

The woman, identified as Greta Friedman, was 21 years old at the time and she did not know the sailor, identified as George Mendonsa.

Nurse kissed in iconic photo of V-J Day dead at 92
Looking at the moment later, Freidman described a kiss that was not consensual. "Suddenly, a sailor grabbed me," she told The Veterans History Project in 2005. "It was not a kiss, it was more of an act of jubilation than it was." he did not have to go in. "

The sailor was "very strong," she told the Veterans History Project.

"He was just holding me in. I'm not sure about the kiss … It was just someone who was celebrating the party.This was not a romantic event.C & # 39; was just … Thank God, the war is over. "

The memory of Mendonsa is similar. "So we enter Times Square and the war ends and I see the nurse," he told CNN in 2015. "I had a few drinks and it was a pure instinct, I guess, I just grabbed it. "

On Tuesday morning, police discovered that someone had used red spray paint and wrote the words "#MeToo" on the statue of Sarasota, Florida.

Police believe that vandalism occurred Monday afternoon or in the evening.

The day before, Mendonsa had died at the age of 95, just two days before his birthday.
A man identified as a sailor kissing a picture of World War II, Times Square, dies at age 95

Officers were not able to find evidence in the area or surveillance video capturing the incident.

"The damage is estimated at more than $ 1,000 because of the large area covered by graffiti and the resources needed to fix it," police said in a statement.

The graffiti have since been removed from the statue. The police ask anyone with information to call 941-954-7025.

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