& # 39; Red Dead Online & # 39; will soon propose modes of combat or exploration

Red Dead OnlineThe attacking style of the operator will work in the same way as his current "free" option. There will be few restrictions on how players interact with others, which means that they can tire, shoot and kill just about anyone.

Conversely, the defensive style of play will allow users to explore the world without being caught by other players. When it is flipped, the mode prevents players from being lassoed or targeted by others. If someone's an attack, your chances of survival are higher. Critical hits and head shots will not kill a player in defensive mode, which will allow them to react or escape without dying immediately.

There is a trade-off when using the protection function. This essentially prevents acts of aggression, so you will not be able to lasso, target, or attack others. If you do, you will be immediately excluded from the defensive style of play and will be vulnerable again.

In addition to the style of play options, Rockstar is refining its recently introduced hostile system. In the next update, players will not be penalized if they first kill someone who attacked them. This will prevent players who defend themselves from being qualified as attackers in the match.

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