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It's Friday, which That means the time has come for Replay, WIRED's look at the world of video games. Since almost everyone involved in the video game industry has spent the week at the Game Developers Conference discussing the future and reflecting on the past, much information has emerged from this annual meeting . But a lot of news has come from elsewhere. "What's up?" you ask? Well, there are rewards, a new title to hope for and an old conflict that finally ends (almost). Let's go.

IGF Awards present the best of independent games

Earlier this week, at the Game Developers Conference, the Independent Gaming Festival held its annual awards ceremony, recognizing the best and most exciting works in the independent gaming world. As always, many titles were recognized, but there was one that was clearly the biggest winner: Return of the dinn obra, the game of murder and the mystery of Lucas Pope, creator of Papers please. Obra Dinn won not only the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, but also the Narration Award of Excellence.

Other winners included Opus Magnum, a fascinating puzzle game by Zachtronics, specializing in fascinating puzzles and winning the Best Design Award. The Visual Arts Award, meanwhile, went to the psychedelic puzzle game Mirror drop and the price of excellence in audio went to the first person crawling paratopic. If you want advice on independent games, while winter turns to spring, these are the ones to check.

Cadence of Hyrule Is the kind of collaboration that Nintendo should do more often

Speaking of cool indies, we would be angry if we did not mention Cadence of Hyrule. It's a collaboration between Nintendo and the developers of Brace Yourself Games, who produced the hit title Crypt of the necrodancer. Cadence of Hyrule is actually a kind of sequel to this game, located in the Zelda universe, featuring Zelda and Link as playable characters alongside the eponymous cadenza.

Nintendo has recently been less valuable with its IP address. This excellent collaboration leverages the strengths of a large independent studio and allows the Nintendo character palette and characters to create a distinct creative experience. Nintendo is at its best when it surprises players and lets unlikely creators work on their creations. Here are more of this.

38 studios get a settlement several years after the fact

Remember 38 studios? No? Founded by Curt Schilling (yeah, the baseball player), the game studio, funded in part by Rhode Island's state money, collapsed dramatically in 2012 after bankruptcy. Since then, 38 and its owner have been involved in a chaotic legal debacle with Rhode Island and the SEC, a dispute that eventually confused Wells Fargo Securities and the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, two cases accused of fraud by the SEC.

Now, according to VarietyWells Fargo reached an agreement with the SEC, agreeing to pay US $ 800,000 in addition to the US $ 50,000 that the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation had already agreed to pay. The proposed settlement was unveiled Monday and is now awaiting the approval of a federal judge. With that set, the saga of 38 studios could finally be over.

Recommendation of the week: paratopic on PC

I've been hesitant to write about paratopic since I got friends with some Arbitrary Metric developers who put it together. But now that he has won an IGF award, it would seem that it would be an oversight not to recommend it. Scary, short and memorable, this first-person game is a great experience. What are the mysterious videos you bring and what is the rusty pallor that permeates the world around you? You probably will not find a concrete answer here, but you will certainly find something exciting.

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