& # 39; Speaking Simulator & # 39; use your gab gift to dominate the world

Talking simulator for PC puts you at the helm of a "moderately evil android" with the aspirations of becoming the next lord of humanity. To do this, you need to master the talking – manually moving the lips and tongue of the android to form consonants and vowels – in order to convince the people around you that you are not only a "human all in fact "regular", but also the best. choice to drive them too.

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I was treated to a quick demo of the game at EDC 2019 and I loved it. I felt like I was playing QWOP with a robotic head. The controls are quite complex: you move the mouse to adjust the shape of the lips of the android and WASD keys to maneuver the tongue to press one of the three vocalization buttons in his mouth. Plus, you do all this in near real time so that the NPC you are talking about does not become suspicious.

The level of demonstration I played involved taking a co-worker to have a drink and a little flirtation, but the other five levels that the game will start to sip include speeches at local malls, hospitals and even the town hall. Affable Games plans to publish 10 levels in total and expects players that they finish the game in about two hours. Between missions, you can improve your Android with some dental work: pulling various teeth, improving the chips of abilities hidden within them and placing these stones in the face of the robot. Improve them all for a radiant smile on the forehead.

Talking simulator is expected to hit Steam in the second half of 2019 and is expected to cost $ 15.

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