& # 39; Star of the Avengers & # 39; Mark Ruffalo congratulates the & quot; Black Panther & # 39; for his Oscar wins


Black Panther may have become the first film by Marvel Studios to win Oscars – and this without most of the usual actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe cast – but Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner / The Incredible Hulk in the franchise, does not feel left behind.

The actor took social media today to congratulate the Black Panther casting and the team for their success at the biggest Hollywood night.

In addition to congratulating the Black Panther In his team, he singled out Hannah Beachler, production designer, who is currently working on another (non-Marvel) film in which Ruffalo will appear.

You can see his tweet below.

The detailed and immersive world of Wakanda was awarded at the Oscars last night, as Black Panther won three of the six trophies for which he was nominated: score of original music, costume design and production design. Failed to capture the best picture, mix or edit sound.

Joe and Anthony Russo, who led much of the Black Panther sunk in Avengers: war in the infinite and the next Avengers: End of the game, also solicited the stablemates of Marvel Studios to congratulate Ruth E. Carter, Hannah Beachler and our dear Community Ludwig Göransson. "

Göransson started working on Community in 2009, and spun to work with Childish Gambino, who appeared on the sitcom under his real name, Donald Glover. Along the way, he also scored the feature film Fruitvale Station, which put the director Ryan Coogler on the map. Since then, he has collaborated with Coogler on all his films, including Creed and Black Panther. Göransson also scored Creed II, although Coogler did not return to direct the film, preferring to turn his attention to Black Panther.

The first film of Marvel Studios to be barred by a black director and present a black cast, Black Panther was then crowned the national artist with the largest turnover in 2018 with 700 million US dollars earned locally; Globally, the Wakanda-set blockbuster earned $ 1.3 billion to become the ninth most profitable film of all time.

Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman, Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright and Winston Duke are expected to return Avengers: End of the game, scheduled for April 26. Coogler is currently developing a Black Panther 2.


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