& # 39; Ultimate Dog Tease & # 39; video becomes the viral sensation (Episode 1) | Cute animals | ABC News

Amusing dog video dubbed with voiceover is ranked number one on YouTube.
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  1. The maple kind yeah. . . yeah

  2. So, dogs can speak English, so that is a thing now.

  3. Lol this is my favorite video. Watch it all the time!

  4. Of course they cut the best parts.

  5. I would hate to know what my dog thinks.. " Hey Briahna you look fat in that dress.."

  6. The dog is not talking. The owner is clearly making the voice. Lol still funny tho

  7. People who gave this a thumbs down …… they don't have a since of humor. They have mental issues that need addressing!!!

  8. I heard that this guy ended up murdering the dog. Random, huh?

  9. There had been a film in mid eighties of which its main character was a dog talking.

  10. O my goodness to cute love it

  11. What kind of dog is that? My dog looks so much like him.

  12. Not nice to tease the dog, he should piss in the "masters " shoe closet and blame it on the cat haha! !!

  13. Wow, this video is so viral it came on abc news

  14. 15 million lol. 10 years later its 15 mil × 10 lol

  15. ultimate liberal congregation…talking about dog when all they are is dog shit.

  16. Wasn't the owner a voice on that Beggin strips dog commercial? He should be anyway he got that perfect voice 😛

  17. 6 years later still the funniest video ever…

  18. I can't believe these guys said they love bacon.Watch the feminazis and bleeding heart left liberals condemn it for being insensitive to muslims.

  19. Slow news day, huh retards – pay me a shit ton of money to laugh @ viral videos too


  21. George is so darn tiny. LOL.

  22. This is a REAL talking dawg! I had a dawg that talked just like this one when I was a kid…. I asked him how sandpaper felt and he said, "Rough! Rough!"

  23. I have watched this a gazillion times an laugh my butt off every time

  24. I love this video because my grandpa all ways put it on or find it because it makes me happy

  25. I love this. It is amazing.