& # 39; You died for 11 minutes. & # 39; A lawsuit claims that an alert to a fake missile has caused a heart attack in humans


HONOLULU (KHON2) – A couple from Hawaii Kai sue the state because of the false missile warning of January.

According to a lawsuit filed against the state of Hawaii, Vern Miyagi, then a director of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, unspecified state employees and John Does, James Shields said that the # Alert had so worried that he had suffered a heart attack.

Shields told us that his girlfriend, co-complainant Brenda Reichel, and her girlfriend were enjoying the morning in Sandy Beach when the alert was sent.

"I feel silly, I had a panic attack and a heart attack, I thought it was going to happen, I accepted it, sent a text message to my children and said that I loved you, "said Shields.

The complaint indicates that Shields and Reichel felt they could not do anything to protect themselves and thought that if they died, they might as well die together on the beach.

"I accepted it and about that time, I had my head spinning and sick, and I could not keep myself from getting sick." I tried to calm myself in the water and it did not work, "said Shields.

The couple drove to the nearest clinic in Hawaii Kai, where Shields said they had suffered a cardiac arrest.

"I remember getting in and laying my hand on the doctor's shoulder and then getting into the examination room.I sat down on the table and that's the last thing I'm going to remember until they zapped with the pallets, "he said.

Shields says he's always been strong and healthy. The lawsuit quotes a cardiovascular specialist who said:

"In my opinion, the warning that there was an imminent attack of missiles on the verge of hitting Hawaii was an important factor contributing to the cause of the heart attack and cardiac arrest suffered by James Shields January 13, 2018. Previously, Mr. Shields had no known heart disease.In the 15 minutes following the call of the next missile attack, Mr. Shields had developed the symptoms of an acute myocardial infarction. shortly after, he suffered a cardiac arrest. "

"I came back and spoke to the doctor a few weeks after coming out of the hospital and she told me:" You died for 11 minutes. " The poor lady had cracked all my ribs in my chest. She started, "said Shields.

Shields said that he had decided to bring a lawsuit against the state, considering so far that no one had taken responsibility for the event.

"Our government is supposed to protect us, not scare us," he said.

Click here to see the full complaint.

The Ministry of the Attorney General and the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency have announced their intention to conduct a thorough review of the complaint and have no comments to make at this time.


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