4 potential redemption candidates for the Celtics

With one available point of alignment, the Celtics will look at the buyout market as they prepare to finish the regular season and head to the playoffs with extra depth over their second unit.

Boston should consider adding size to his field. Aron Baynes has been struggling with injuries all year, Robert Williams is not ready to take big minutes and Daniel Theis still leaves much to be desired on the defensive side.

What the Celtics need is a strong, defensive man who can leave the bench and make defensive stops while the starters rest. This is not a player who will consume more than 20 minutes and change the rules of the game for the Celtics, but rather a great veteran man who will provide the extra muscle that the Celtics often need in the second and third quarters, where they tend to waste leads and fall behind.

Here are four possible candidates that the Celtics should consider signing in the coming weeks.

Zach Randolph

The reports suggest that there is a considerable market for Randolph's services, as the tall old man seeks to hang on to a playoff team at the twilight of his impressive career. The 37-year-old is the kind of hardness that the Celtics could use in their second unit.

Recently, Randolph was sidelined by the Mavericks, has not played any games this year, but is only one season on an average of 14.5 points, 6.7 rebounds and 2.2 assists. It's worth the risk for the Celtics.

Not only is he the 14-15 year old veteran Kyrie Irving asked earlier in the season, but he can give Boston a lot at both ends of the house. In his old age, Randolph can defend to a high level on one side and score twice as many points on the other. It would also be appropriate for Stevens if he wants to show up with a smaller training and can give him more money. precious minutes if Baynes is injured and unable to play during the playoffs.

Marcin Gortat

The Polish Hammer is a free agent and is the kind of guy that the Celtics bench could use to play in the middle of the field. After being lifted by the Clippers, Gortat will be targeted by other playoff teams and Boston should be one of them.

He's averaged 5 points and 5 rebounds for the Clippers this season, proving he could protect the rim and provide the same kind of production that we saw at Baynes this year. However, Gortat should accept a lesser role than he has seen in Los Angeles, as Baynes could end late in the year without injury.

Baynes in good health would considerably reduce the minutes of Gortat; nevertheless, if both parties reach an agreement, Gortat would be an excellent insurance policy for Baynes.

Robin Lopez

Although Lopez said he had not spoken to his agent about a possible buyout, there was still a strong chance he would leave the Bulls to play in a rival team to raise his stock this summer. The 30-year-old big man would give the Celtics a defensive presence in the paint, a rescue center that could devour Brad Stevens a few minutes when guys like Al Horford and Marcus Morris need a break.

Jamal Crawford

If the Celtics shine to appeal to justice, they should consider targeting Jamal Crawford. The veteran sniper has done a great job in Phoenix, shaping the basketball spirits and serving as a leader throughout another grueling year for the Suns. However, there is something to be said about her connections with Kyrie Irving and the connection they've been tied up with.

The relationship between Crawford and Irving was a topic of discussion at Celtics Media Day last September. To see them unite in Boston to end the regular season and play in the playoffs would be a centerpiece of the tumultuous season for Irving and the Celtics. Crawford would add three-pass shots to Stevens' second unit and another leader to the young backyard.

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