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4 steps to move your credit score from "bad" to "perfect"

Experts such as David Bach, co-founder of AE Wealth Management, suggest saving a small percentage of each pay check to pay unpaid bills. They also advise the establishment of automatic transfers.

"When your paycheck is deposited," Bach told CNBC Make It, "automatically transfer money from your current account to a separate money market account or a separate savings account that you do not have. You will almost forget that it is there. "

Nevertheless, many young people have to reconcile diverse, even intimidating debts, such as student loans and car loans, as well as rising housing costs and everyday expenses. All of this can make it difficult to track credit card payments.

According to CreditCards.com, four out of ten millennials claim that daily expenses are the main reason they have a balance, which suggests "creating a brutally honest budget (followed by each item) and including money." for recreation and emergencies "out of the red.

Reducing or reducing these common expenses and putting you in a stalemate can also help you pay for what you owe.

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