4 things Dallas wants to win and beat Pacers 110-101

The Dallas Mavericks hosted the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night. The Mavs were looking for their 27th win and the Pacers were looking to get stuck on that 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Dallas came into play after losing five straight games and another defeat would have equaled its longest losing streak of the season to six.


One of the most notable subplots of the game was the return of former starter Wesley Matthews, who faced the Mavs for the first time since his stint in New York as part of the Kristaps Porzingis deal. Matthews had been bought by the Knicks, which allowed him to sign with a playoff contender like Indiana. Wes clearly appreciated the chance to run against his former team and hit Dallas with 20 points on 13 shots, including a late pair to try to contribute to a strong comeback from Pacer.


Matthews' defense case at the other end was former teammate Luka Doncic, who had an eventful night but still managed to finish with 26-10-7, including two daggers late to secure the win. . Jalen Brunson, the rookie of the other Mavs member, also scored 24 career goals and 5 assists, including a step back for Doncic-esque. When Brunson strikes three times (something he did not do earlier in the season but beat hard), it's a quite dangerous offensive weapon in its own right.


Like Brunson, Dirk Nowitzki was back in the starting lineup on Wednesday, and the Grand German scored three points on three points for nine of his 11 points, getting closer and closer to top scorer Wilt Chamberlain. Keep an eye on all three routes from Luka to Dirk that we have left.


The third Maverick to score at least 20 points should be mentioned, as newcomer Tim Hardaway Jr. had one of his best games as Mav, with 20 points and four trios. THJ also reached the top of the +19 team if he caught fire while the team took the lead in the second half. It remains to be seen what kind of role Hardaway will play in the team next season, but it's clear that he can score points in groups when he's paced and that Dallas does not have an abundance of shooters to take a few minutes from him. now.

Dallas improves to 27-34 on the season and continues his home game, with a 21-10 record at AAC. The Mavericks will have two days off before facing the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday in Dallas. It will be a game to watch because both teams are in a similar position in the standings and the result will be played in the draw.

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