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Zelda: Link's Awakening – Should Nintendo do more remakes in 2D?

After Zelda's return: Link's Awakening, a reader named the five NES and SNES games which, according to him, also deserve a remake.

Like many Nintendo fans, I watched Nintendo Direct this week with great interest and was particularly pleased to see the announcement of the Zelda remake: Link's Awakening. Some lords complain that the graphics are too "cute", but for me, it looks like a perfect remake. Compare the scenes with the original Game Boy game and you will see that they have an absolutely perfect look.

As a result, I was going to create a player function on the other Game Boy games that they would have to redo, but by flipping through Wikipedia, I realized there was not much more. Metroid II is already finished, Tetris 99 has just been released, the Pokémon games are already finished, and although I am delighted, I must admit that Super Mario Land is a bit too simplistic nowadays. Plus, you can probably play it in Super Mario Maker 2 anyway.

But I really like the idea of ​​2D remakes – I find it fascinating how they interpret such simple designs with more modern graphics – so I expanded my network and created the top five Nintendo games in 2D. I will say at once that what I would like to see even more is a follow-up to these games, but it does not give me much to talk about, it is theoretical.

I love 2D games and Nintendo is so talented for them that I would not want them to lose their talent, that's why I'm so happy to see Link's Awakening's announcement. . So, without further ado, here is my list:

1. Super Metroid

Still considered one of the few perfect video games, I would like it to be treated as a remake by the star. But where the clay style perfectly matches Link's Awakening, Metroid would need something much more serious. Metroid was inspired by Alien and it should look like Alien, in terms of lighting and shadows. When I think of Metroid Prime 4, I hope it looks like a remake of Resident Evil 2 and I'd like to like that same kind of atmosphere to be in a 2D remake.

2. Super Mario World

You can easily replace the Super Mario games here, or maybe just the Super Mario stars, but I've tried to keep it simple with what I consider to be the best 2D platform game ever created. Again, the artistic style should be different and here I think they should do everything with a comic style, like something similar to Dragon Ball FighterZ. The original was based on bright primary colors and very simple and well-defined shapes. The remake should be identical.

3. EarthBound

Like Super Metroid, this is another game that many consider a classic of all time, but it is rarely seen and only officially available in the UK in recent years. But the original SNES game is amazing and I'd like to see it redone. Here, the artistic style is obvious. The original instruction manual is filled with small clay models of all enemies. So we already know what they were aiming for and I think it would be great to see this dream come true. Of course, I would also love that they could finally bring Mother 3 (EarthBound is Mother 2 to Japan) to the West.

4. Zelda II: Link's adventure

Despite its name, it's not just another Zelda game. It is rather the bet of the franchise that is completely different from the others and that many people do not like. It's a fault, I will not say, and stupidly hard but one more reason to redo it. Neither could he be more different from Link's Awakening, although he uses similar technology, and his aesthetic is much more serious. I would be tempted to opt for almost photorealistic visuals, because that's what the original was about.

5. StarTropics

If Nintendo is looking for a game on which to reuse its Link's Awakening remake engine, the obvious subject is the Zelda game, which is not a Zelda game. Oddly, it has never been marketed in Japan, but its gameplay and graphics are very similar to those of the original NES Zelda, with the exception of modern times that offer a more science-fiction plot with extraterrestrials. A remake would be a great way to reintroduce the series which, unlike The Mysterious Murasame Castle (another Zelda-esque game but released only in Japan), never seems to refer to things like Smash Bros.

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