5 ridiculous viral videos that have been debunked

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  1. love the debunking videos! keep them coming!

  2. Golden eagle takes off with statue of Kali, then drops it in fear of ending up on the horns of a dilemma…

  3. Guatemala is definitely not in South America

  4. Smoke ring : First time I've saw one was at Hellfest festival, the smoke ring was created on a regular basis by a fire-machine … found that pretty cool

  5. 2:12 Cant believe my little insignificant village showed up in a Top5s video lol

  6. This must be the first video on this channel focusing on debunked media.

  7. Definitely more debunked videos please!

  8. Man “fights off” shark? He just kinda flails around in the water

  9. Ghost videos would be so easy to fake. all you do is film a creepy room, grab an animation of a ghostly figure, change the shading to black and lower the transparency… and BOOM! CREEPY GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA (COPS CALLED)

  10. Hahahaha, the ghost train in China… I recognised both the Moscow subway station and even the train make, typical for Moscow subway.

  11. I love your videos and your accent

  12. Those smoke rings are pretty mysterious by themselves. How on earth can one get THAT BIG?

  13. Guatemala is in central America not south America just to give u accurate information.

  14. I have see a black ring of smoke in 2006 in France. I've never think about a ghost thing or UFO. For me it's just a pollution ring and I remember that I feel sad to see this

  15. People are dumb as shit, always have been.

  16. Must be hard to fool those xenophobic superstitious nation of rice pickers.

  17. World : ) Love it …not planet earth : )

  18. You should go more into why and how its fake…. u kida just say ''this is fake'' nd move on to the next one……..

  19. Let’s do some more ghost/horror stories? keep up the good work tho love the vids

  20. Guatemala is not located in South America, is located in Central America.

  21. But there is no explanation by you why it is fake

  22. Just a retarded pig … What a disappointment

  23. china has some of the fakest ghost sighting videos just ignore those ones

  24. Love these videos!!! Please make more

  25. as always great video, but Guatemala is in Central America, not South America

  26. mysterious phenomena appear “Oh my gosh it must be demons and a sign of the end times ahhh!”

  27. yeah do some ghost vids, debunk same.

  28. Guatemala is a country located in Central America not South America…

  29. Yes plz would love to see debunking ghost story's, fantastic work!!!!!

  30. Apparently there is a simpler explanation……..

  31. Fake viral videos = cancerous to youtube

  32. If people need clarification that a "ghost train" isn't real…..I don't know what to tell ya

  33. "Don't believe everything you see on the internet"
    – Albert Einstein

  34. We’d love to see more debunking videos! Three cheers from three BIG fans in Utah, USA. (yes, we live 90 minutes from the Skinwalker Ranch.)

  35. Nah man me and my friends saw a black smoke ring above Disneyland in like 2016-17. It’s definitely not from an explosion

  36. How was anyone fooled by no.1? It's so obviously cgi…

  37. i recently debunked "apollo's moon landing" video as well 🙂

  38. smoke vortex ? did u just make up that

  39. Eagle one is so obviously fake. You can see how the bird stands out in the whole clip

  40. please don't become clickbait please don't become clickbait.

  41. 4:11 I want one of those T-Shirts from Banrural Bank with Señora Cuenta on it, but they will only give me one after I open a Bank Account and I am not ready to invest my Money in Guatemala…

  42. Note: Guatemala is not in South America. It is in Central America. Just thought I point that out. Great video as always.

  43. That eagle snatching the baby looked real. They did a great job.