5G arrives and Trump helps to get there

President Trump has precise the rapid deployment of next-generation wireless networks, called 5G, is a priority. On Friday, the Trump administration is about to support this effort with a real investment. As confirmed by several news outlets, the Federal Communications Commission is expected to announce that the two new waves will be auctioned and that the administration will set up a "Development Fund". 39 "rural digital space" that will inject $ 20.4 billion over 10 years connectivity.

This is exactly what the administration should do. Investment in wireless infrastructure is essential to facilitate the next generation of innovations that can form the basis for future economic growth.

To get an idea of ​​the importance of this investment, Uber should be considered. Carsharing is not a new idea (taxis have been around for quite a long time), but allow individual users with high-speed internet access on their phones to connect and buy journeys in Europe. car is also. This was only possible thanks to advances in wireless technology. Even faster and better connected networks are likely to generate equally disruptive and economically advantageous innovations.

Trump is right to want the United States to be a leader in these innovations because the country, as well as individual businesses and consumers, are likely to reap enormous benefits. Setting up networks in under-served areas and making other waves available that will strengthen 5G capabilities are important steps, and the Trump administration is right to invest in these technologies.

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That being said, these investments have little effect on US concerns over Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. This is because despite investments in infrastructure, no US company currently manufactures the equipment needed for 5G networks. It is here that Huawei has become a major player and is well placed to dominate the sector. Although other foreign companies such as Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung have also focused on 5G equipment and benefited from government investments, the US has not given priority to our own 5G national development. .

If the Trump administration really wants to win the 5G rollout while keeping the technology under the control of the US, then it should work to ensure that the Huawei Chinese face real competition on the market. equipment market. For the moment though, Trump should be applauded for his announcement Friday that will help lay the foundation for 5G capabilities in the United States.

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