6 healthy recipes of grilled cheese for adults

Sometimes there is no way to end the thirst for classic comfort food. It may be rainy days. Or some cocktails. But when the urge to eat something hot, gooey and dense tempts you, only a healthy grilled cheese sandwich is enough to satisfy every shot. (A bowl of tomato soup to dip is totally optional.)

But gluten! The dairy! Your body feels better when you fill it with nutrient-rich foods and not just processed ingredients. You are an adult now. Wonder Bread and Kraft Singles, while delicious, are not the only ingredients needed to prepare your favorite childhood sandwich.

6 healthy grilled cheese sandwich recipes that satisfy the urge for comfort.

grilled cauliflower with cheese
Photo: good + good creative

Do you know how ubiquitous cauliflower crust is, supporting the frozen food section in all grocery stores? I'll reveal a little secret: you can use it for more than pizza. At Well + Good, we pack the cauliflower crust with white cheddar cheese, avocado and mustard to make a superior grilled cheese.

sour grilled cheese
Photo: Love and lemons

The creator of love and lemons, Jeanine Donofrio, has come up with the formula of making a grilled cheese that strikes all the sensory notes: thick grain bread, strong cheese, fresh herbs and fruits. The latter is a bit of a joker, right? Its taste is tart cherry, with a strong enough flavor to hold against cheese.

grilled cheese with pesto
Photo: The gourmet dietitian

Talk about making the most of your transportation from the farmers market. A spring vegetable like asparagus adds texture and fiber to the classic sandwich. Ingredients like brie and pesto make it rather sophisticated, but enjoying it will be a kid's game. You will lick your fingers.

grilled cheese with red peppers
Photo: Cookie + Kate

Roasted vegetables are delicious, especially when you add balsamic vinegar and red pepper flakes, as recommended in this recipe. But when do you add cheddar cheese and Dijon mustard? Explosion of the sacred mouth. This recipe takes a little longer than the three-minute grilled cheese recipe you grew up with, but the end result will be worth it.

cheese with avocado
Photo: eat eat learn

It is likely that you already think of combining strawberries, mozzarella and balsamic vinaigrette in a summer salad. Transfer the trio to your grilled cheese? Brilliant. Pro tip: Adding avocado gives cream and healthy fats.

grilled broccoli cheese
Photo: Naturally Ella

Of course, Ella blogger, Erin Alderson, came up with this recipe while she was trying to figure out what to do with a bunch of leftover broccoli. By combining the concepts of a frittata with a sandwich, this dish is suitable for all meals.

If you do not feel good with dairy cheese, you can use vegan cheese for any of these recipes. It's like having a moment right now.

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