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6 paid iPhone applications on free sale on February 27 – BGR

We sifted through hundreds of different iPhone and iPad apps that went on sale Wednesday to find the best of the band. With what did we leave, ask yourself? Below you will find six different premium iOS apps that are all on sale for free. However, these are time-limited contracts, and we do not know if they will end in two minutes, two days, or two weeks. In other words, hurry to download them while they are still free.

This article covers paid iPhone and iPad apps made available free of charge by their developers for a limited time. BGR is not affiliated with any app developer. There is no way of saying how long they will be free. These sales could end in an hour or a week. Obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time of writing this article. If you click on a link and see a price displayed next to an application instead of the word "get", it is no longer free. The sale is over. If you download the app anyway, Apple will charge you. Some applications may have additional purchases integrated. Subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified as soon as these articles are published and you will avoid missing the sales we cover.

Logical path

Normally $ 0.99.

Enter a world of illusions twisted and start seeing like you've never done before. Logic Path is a calm and relaxing puzzle game that will change your perception of the world forever. Enjoy a soothing journey through 140 exciting levels!

– Innovative gameplay, based on perspective
– 140 constantly surprising levels to solve
– Minimalistic but particularly evocative graphics
– Soothing and relaxing atmosphere
– Mechanical easy to grasp with several layers of depth

Logic Path is an innovative puzzle game, easy to understand but offering a lot of depth and challenges at a time. Its accessibility is enhanced by explicit gameplay and no text in play. This simplicity, combined with a soothing soundtrack, makes the game a calm and relaxing experience, while remaining curious and exciting.

Throughout the course through 140 levels, Logic Path presents riddles increasingly difficult that you can complete at your leisure. There are no high scores, no challenges, no time limit. You can experiment as much as you want to find the solution. The game offers a lot of twists, turns and surprises to always interest you.

To meet all the challenges, you will have to change your brain into a new line of thinking. Forget what you know from perspective. Unleash your creativity and complete all the puzzles!

Download the logical path

HiBaby – The baby's first year

Normally $ 2.99.

Now that the big event is behind you, congratulations, you are together! Hi Baby will guide you through the first months of your life together. Every day, you will receive new information about your child's development, so that you can prepare yourself for what lies ahead in the near future. Thanks to Hi Baby, you will get to know the world through your toddler's eyes and daily messages from his point of view will create a special connection between you. The greatest adventure of your life is just beginning!

Download HiBaby – The first year of baby

Spher – All Social Media Apps

Normally $ 9.99.

Have you ever wanted all social networking apps to come together in one application? Spher contains all major social applications, including:

– Instagram
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Youtube
– Google+
– Pinterest
– Dropbox
– Evernote
– Linkedin
– Tumblr

And many others, there are more than 20 social media apps in this app

Download Spher – All Social Media Apps

PhotoMapper: EXIF ​​GPS editor

Normally $ 1.99.

"PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF ​​Editor" is an essential application for those who want their iOS photo library organized according to the places where photos have been taken. All photographers who store photos in their iOS Photos library and use geographic tags for systematization purposes may be bothered by lost geographic tag information due to the use of DSLRs or obtaining of these pictures of friends. Just add this information with our app and keep your geolocation system in a consistent state.
Also, "PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF ​​Editor" is useful for people who wish to protect their privacy. When you share your photos on social networks or email them, the geolocation information (the location where the photo was taken) is also shared. If you are concerned about your privacy and want to share photos without any location mark in the EXIF ​​metadata, PhotoMapper can delete them.
No integrated purchase is a universal application that you buy once and that you can use on all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).
Thank you for all your comments! Please leave a 5 star comment if you are satisfied with PhotoMapper 🙂


– The location information of your photos will always be correct and will never fail –
Easily add or edit photo location information in your iOS photo library by simply placing a pin on the map. Never miss this information if you are using a digital SLR or for any other reason.

– Prepare photos for social sharing with clear location information –
Keep the original photo for yourself and create a copy without any mark of GPS location information in the EXIF ​​metadata in order to share it with the utmost respect for your privacy.

– Batch photo editing –
Edit multiple photos in a few clicks in a quick and easy way. Forget the unique selection.

– Find all the photos with the missed place information –
Easily find all photos without location in one click

This action adds a new location, which will be available in the iOS photo library.
1. Select the "Edit Location" action on the first screen.
2. Select one or more photos (videos) on the second screen.
3. Set the desired location by placing a pin on the map.
4. Confirm the action.

This action retains the original photo and creates a duplicate copy without GPS location information, which you can share. The EXIF ​​metadata will be clean in this case. There is no localization information for this photo in any application.
1. Select the "Delete Location" action on the first screen.
2. Select one or more photos on the second screen.
3. Confirm the action.

Download PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF ​​Editor


Normally $ 0.99.

Do not you want to go to a photo studio and spend a lot of money? Create your own passport photo in 5 minutes!

Create in 3 simple steps a biometric passport photo for your identity card, passport, driver's license, application or electronic health card:

1. Import a photo or take one with the camera of your phone.
2. Edit your photo according to the pattern.
3. Print the generated collage on 10x15cm paper.

For each printed photo, you get four 3.5 x 4.5 cm photos that you will cut yourself. They comply with the official requirements for biometric passport images. These photos are perfect for ID cards, passports and other official documents.

Privacy Notice: Your photos remain stored on your mobile phone and are not shared publicly.

Download PersoPhoto

BMW OBD application

Normally $ 12.99.

◆ Read and eliminate errors. The application includes a comprehensive database of detailed error transcripts!
◆ The application supports all cars compatible with OBD2 standard.
◆ View all sensors on one screen.

◆ 50,000+ diagnostic trouble codes and information!
◆ More than 300 LEDs and dashboard symbols!
◆ More than 150+ PIDs supported!
◆ Translation of all texts in more than 100 languages!
◆ Check all types of error in three groups (confirmed, pending, permanent)!

◆ problem
◆ Technical Notes
◆ Possible causes
◆ When is the code detected?
◆ Possible symptoms
◆ Description problem

◆ Read and erase the DTC and your Check Engine Light (MIL).
◆ Real-time dashboard display with customizable gauges
◆ View battery voltage
◆ Displays the vehicle information, including the VIN
◆ Favorites, search, filters
◆ Imperial and metric units
◆ Terminology of BMW Cars today
◆ 50 colored stickers for iMessage
◆ 3D Touch Home screen icon
◆ Siri shortcuts
◆ Spotlight search for models, symbols, terminology
◆ Push Notification
◆ iCloud Sync
◆ Random sorting and symbols
◆ Copy, share, send text
◆ Translation in more than 100 languages

◆ Obtain the vehicle identification number via OBD-2
◆ Enter the 17-character VIN
◆ Scan the VIN barcode with the camera
◆ Full details of the car
◆ Personal VIN Query History
◆ Syncing the iCloud Request History
◆ 10 real examples of VIN
◆ Save and delete the VIN

◆ The list of parameters displayed is different for each car and depends 100% not on the application, but on the vehicle control unit.
◆ The current version of the application supports only OBD2 Wi-Fi adapters based on the ELM327 chip.

◆ Some adapters, often made in China, do not connect to a smartphone or car. This occurs mainly with the ELAP32 CHEAP version 2.1 adapters.
◆ We recommend that you purchase original ELM327 adapters or branded adapters for at least $ 10.


◆ 205 models and modifications 2150
◆ More than 1000 photos of all BMW cars
◆ 60 technical specifications for each modification

◆ iOS 10 – iOS 12
◆ iPhone X, Xs, Xr, Max Xs
◆ LED screens of iPhones
◆ Taptic Engine Support


Technical specifications for 24 models in production:
◆ BMW 1 Series
◆ BMW 2 Series
◆ BMW 3 Series
◆ BMW 4 Series
◆ BMW 5 Series
BMW 6 Series
◆ BMW 7 Series
◆ BMW 8 Series
◆ BMW i3
◆ BMW i8
◆ BMW M2
◆ BMW M3
◆ BMW M4
◆ BMW M5
◆ BMW M6
◆ BMW M8
◆ BMW X1
◆ BMW X2
◆ BMW X3
◆ BMW X4
◆ BMW X5
◆ BMW X6
◆ BMW X7
◆ BMW Z4

◆ BMW 02 (E10)
◆ BMW X5 M
◆ BMW Z1
◆ BMW Z3
◆ BMW Z8


◆ brand
◆ model
◆ generation
◆ Engine / modification
◆ Start of production
◆ End of production
◆ Type of coupe
◆ Num. doors
◆ Num. of seats

◆ Fuel consumption / economy – urban
◆ Fuel consumption / economy – extra-urban
◆ Fuel consumption / economy – combined
◆ Type of fuel
◆ coefficient of drag
◆ Fuel tank volume
◆ Standard of issue
◆ CO2 emissions

◆ power
◆ maximum power in
◆ maximum speed
◆ Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h
◆ couple

◆ Engine position
◆ Cylinder capacity
◆ Engine oil capacity
◆ Fuel system
◆ Aspiration / Turbine
◆ Cylinder position
◆ number of cylinders
◆ Number of valves per cylinder
◆ compression ratio
◆ Piston stroke
◆ cylinder bore

◆ Drive wheels
◆ Number of speeds (automatic transmission)

◆ length
◆ width
◆ Mirror width included
◆ height
◆ Wheelbase
◆ front track
◆ rear track (rear)
◆ ride height
◆ Minimum luggage volume (safe)
◆ Maximum amount of luggage (safe)
◆ front suspension
◆ rear suspension
◆ Maximum weight
◆ Empty weight
◆ Front brakes
◆ Rear brakes
◆ Type of direction
◆ Power steering
◆ Max. load on the roof
◆ minimum turning circle (turning circle)

◆ tire size
◆ Rims size

Download BMW OBD App

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