6 unusual zodiac signs, according to astrology


They certainly stand out.

It takes all types to create a world and, fortunately, so much of what makes us interesting lies in our individuality and our personality. We all know people who "act" differently – people who have strange habits or who do things that might be considered nuts – are weird and unique.

For the odd zodiac signs in astrology, this personality trait sets them against the rest of the crowd. As an individual, if you are weird, we remember you. It may not always be for good, but as they say, there is no bad publicity.

When we think of weird people, we think of artists, eccentrics, millionaires. We think of weird outfits and sneaky moves. This person who only eats white foods? Shifted. This person who absolutely refuses to do certain things, like brushing your teeth? Shifted. And, of course, there is this person who needs to insist on bottled hydrangea, herbal soap and no headphones for space travel – weird, weird, eccentric.

What makes a person weird, it is also what distinguishes it as an individual. Being weird is a natural way for us to know who among us is a real nutty, and we all love an honest to kindness, a real nutmeg.

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