7 facts about the Nintendo Yoshi

People love their dinosaurs of pop culture, whether they are formidable prehistoric predators like in Jurassic Park or a family of sitcom puppets – and a famous green man is the king of consoles. Created by Japanese designer Shigefumi Hino, Yoshi made his 1990 SNES debut Super Mario World and quickly became the favorite pal of fruits for everyone. In honor of the recent launch of The craft world of Yoshi, the eighth installment of the Yoshi franchise, here are some interesting facts about the character's game story.

1. The real name of Yoshi is T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas.

Like many people (or cartoon characters), Yoshi uses a diminutive of his real name: T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas. According to a former Nintendo guide shared by author Blake Harris, the character originally had a much more complicated name that suited a dinosaur better. However, this long-sounding scientific name does not come out quite like Yoshi. It is therefore easy to understand why Nintendo chose to omit it from its general marketing.

2. Yoshi was to make his debut on the NDA.

The legend of Yoshi may have started with Super Mario World– and this iconic art – but it turns out that the character had to debut much earlier and on different material. According to the legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto (ie "Steven Spielberg of video games"), the team originally wanted Yoshi to appear in the original game. Super Mario Bros. back in 1985, five years before Super Mario World. However, because of technical constraints, the design of Mario's faithful horse was simply not possible with 8-bit NES hardware, but the 16-bit capabilities of SNES allowed programmers to run more dino mechanisms on the screen.

3. The character would have been influenced by Evil world.

Yoshi has always been out of this world, but his predecessor could have been the underworld. Evil world was a Pac-ManNES title -esque of 1984 (and the only Miyamoto design of this time never to reach a North American public, because of its use of religious symbols) that revolved around a green dragon fighting the devil in a literal hell . The similarities between Tamagon, Evil worldThe protagonist of, and Yoshi are quite remarkable, because of its green skin, its orange tips, its general roundness and the way each new life shows it being born from an egg.

4. Yoshi has several color variations.

Technically, Yoshi is actually a kind of creatures that exist in Mario's universe. While the Yoshi we all know and love is green, other members of the species have appeared in the forms red, yellow, blue, pink, light blue, purple, brown, black, white, orange and magenta. There are no specific powers or abilities for the various Yoshis, but some versions, such as white and black, only appear several times later in the Mario franchise.

5. Artistic direction for Yoshi Island it's turned out very differently than expected by Nintendo.

One of the most acclaimed titles of the SNES, Yoshi Island (1995) is one of the most aesthetically distinct platforms that Nintendo has ever produced, and this has allowed Yoshi to stand out as a definite franchise character. The artistic style seems to come from a children's coloring book, but it was not what Nintendo had asked. Following the success of the company Donkey Kong Country series, Nintendo pushed Miyamoto to create something that followed the tracks of this game, with its characters and 3D animations. Miyamoto refused. According to The Gamer, "To protest but also to prove his point of view, he decided to make the graphics of his new game as puerile as possible, as if drawn in colored pencil. Yoshi. "

6. Yoshi's cinematic version was not so cuddly (but he was voiced by the cartoon favorite).

The least talked about 1993 bomb Super Mario Bros. the best movie (even actor Bob Hoskins, who played Mario, regrets his existence). But even if the film presented Yoshi as a tiny animatronic velociraptor (which Mario on a human scale could never fly), they at least found a friendly and familiar voice to produce all those squeaks and cries of dino. Frank Welker, the voice-winning actor of an Emmy who is best known as the only person to ever have voice Scooby DooFred Jones (as well as countless others including Abu in Aladdin, Curious George, and Scooby himself since 2002) made the voice of Yoshi and a Goomba (one of the most common enemies of the Mario franchise).

7. A rare version of Japanese only Yoshi's cookie worth thousands.

Yoshi's other first solo releases have not been as well received as Yoshi Islandthey apparently still have a lot of value. In one case, a special limited edition copy of Yoshi's cookie can be found priced over $ 1000. Why this particular version? It was used as part of a promotional campaign of a cooking oven called Kuruppon. Only 500 copies have been made, and this version of the game is very different from the original version, as is the inclusion of a feature that allows you to learn how to cook game cookies in real life. If you're craving some of Yoshi's cookies but you do not have that kind of dough for the original tutorial, you can try different recipes on YouTube and online.

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